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Time for a clean.

I looked at my motherboard today and saw the CPU fan was filthy, so tonight when the internet is strained by busy people with limited hours I shut down and pulled it off for a clean.
It didn't take long, wash the metal bit and rag the plastic fan bit and things look sweeter again.
A fresh dab of heatsink paste and it was done.
Since I pay the power bill I don't overclock which cranks up the power consumption, so the standard heatsink is fine.


  1. Jim, your a man of many talents.
    I'm sitting here looking at a desktop computer on my kitchen table thinking I may be becoming a hoarder. It's a fine computer. Nothing wrong with it. But I already have 4 other desktop computers.

  2. I suffer badly from being a hoarder, something that painfully Olivia is ridding me of. Sadly to a degree computers lose usefulness as they age and newer programs exclude them, mine is currently an Intel Skylake so only a generation and a half old, so still viable. An i5-6500 to be exact, since I pay the power bill I'm not interested in overclocking so a non-x CPU is fine.