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Day 11, to Mackay.

This was the high point since we left NSW, just north of Monto.
I had used the WiFi from yesterday to book accommodation at Mackay but hadn't spent enough time thinking of how long it'd take to drive there, I had advised arrival between 14:00 and 15:00 but soon I'd realise that I'll have to keep moving in order not to appear as a liar.
 Unless they're magicians I'd say the tree might have grown a bit since the tyre was placed there.
We made it to the Motel with a few minutes to spare and my ego intact. The motel was quite good but as we found fairly typically the TV was only good for the free channels in standard definition, but at least it had free WiFi. The main road is off to the left behind the building behind Daisy, they were doing roadworks that night which were fairly noisy, as too was the folk next door who insisted on talking forever outside our window, very likely trying to see how many cigarettes they could consume.

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