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The first lass who saw the new stickers today smiled, she probably thought I was an imbecile but she smiled.

The grey doesn't matter so much any more.



The usual sea of bland but I like the wheels, just enough colour to ease my unrest.

Pity now is I've noticed a softness on the far right edge of photos from the Samsung SH100 that serves as a pocket camera whenever I go out. Cleaning the lens hasn't helped.


Chore of the day.

At last Jimmy decided to climb upon the roof and be rid of the tree growing in the gutter.

That is not an attractive foot but it was handy to balance against the ~5 metre drop, a distance certain to be fatal yet not enough to be messy.


Wheel balance.

Rather than wait for the new balance weights to arrive I thought (correctly) I had enough old stock already to do the job.
I'd earlier noticed that the rear wheels had been serviced prior me buying so well that I left them alone, they also spin delightfully enough to use for wheel balancing, pity though that it's quite a chore for Jimmy to put the front wheels onto the hub to do it.

After doing the nearside it was way easier to do the offside as I only needed one jack.

Job done and I'd used the last weight I had, this was an old big one that I'd found on the road a few years ago, I cut a bit off to get the balance right. The paint blobs on the tyre have meanings but I couldn't be bothered checking up on them, it was mere coincidence it aligns with the valve core here.
I had a delightful smooth test drive afterwards, but I do think I should find a bubble balancer to check on these things in future.


A comfort modification.

Legroom was a bit tight with the new computer desk so a quick drive of the jigsaw guess-worked a chunk of board to remove. A dash of contact cement stuck a bit of rubber strip that Jimmy found on the roadside a while back to the untidy edge making it a bit less bruisey to bump into.
I'm pleased with the result.

A splash of colour in a sea of bland.

The red has cheered Jimmy up a bit, the wheels would have been blue except John correctly pointed out the bump strip on the side had a thin red stripe on it.


Wider couch means narrower desk.

Room is tight in Grace and Jim's playroom so this new narrow desk is Jimmy's new home.
It has an upper section that I left off due largely to monitor size, it should make a handy shelf somewhere later.
We recently got a pair of these fancy new chairs too.


A bit more cheerful.

The red almost hides the grey.

I need to balance the new tyres yet but it may take a while for some weights I ordered to arrive.


Work, urggh.

The tyres I ordered arrived this morning and incredibly Jimmy started to fit them.

Of course after doing one I ran out of puff and decided to wait till tomorrow to do the other one, there's a reason a fool like me is on the pension.

I made some changes here to hopefully make it easier for comments to be made, unknown to me earlier was that it wasn't always possible despite me thinking it should have been.

Hopefully this will cheer Jimmy up.

I blew $12 on a set of fancy wheel covers and found a can of spray paint at home, can't go doing too good a job or it wouldn't look right but this may take my mind off the sea of grey.



A half decent photo made extra bland by a grey car.
Jimmy's going to try some stickers on the grey to reduce the bland.


New mouse pad.

Sorry to say the silicone fix I mentioned a while back is only a short term thing, I suppose it gets sticky because it's worn out. Anyway being a (im)mature adult who values his eyes, Jimmy bought one that suited.

Grace got me.

Sprung by the Olympus TG-610 which she's been playing with for a while, Jimmy is such a terrible sight he even shocked Jermery as he walked past him.

At a pixel level the TG-610 is not a good as the SZ-10 which isn't great itself, but resized to monitor size it's fine and quite good enough for the purpose we have in mind for it.


Olympus SZ-10

Yes camera addict Jimmy has another camera to replace the Nikon S9100 he gave Rhonda, this one was very cheap for a travelzoom with an 18x zoom. When pixel peeping full size shots it's not great but when resized for web posts like here it displays that typical great Olympus look.
Part of the Tyto wetlands area.
After buying the brilliant Nikon P510 my S9100 became a bit redundant and I wasn't happy with its macro performance, though Rhonda came out in front.
Must come here with the waterproof job and do some fancy stuff.

New couch.

For some reason it's wider than the old 3 seater and that's a problem. I think Jimmy will need a narrower computer desk, oh well life is a series of hurdles.



One owner had sense to buy a car with colour, the shame is that it's so rare these days.
I think Artie is on notice for his gloomy grey, what was Jimmy thinking when he bought you, and he doesn't even do drugs.