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It's sunny today.

Another sunny day on Grace's birthday, that's three in a row after years of being flooded at this time of year.
The flowers I'm holding gave me a bit of a shock as they were on her grave as if they were placed there, but looking about I found a matching set on a fresh grave that had far more likely blown there, so I returned them.


A pair of stickers.

I found an Aussie sticker to go alongside the Philippine one on Daisy.

Birthday time.

It's Australia Day today but since it's a bit of a muddled non-event unlike our real birthday on the 1st January 1901, I'll celebrate Joan Leslie's 90th birthday.
She's on the right here alongside the Cagney siblings from my favourite film Yankee Doodle Dandy, it's a real pity the budget didn't expand to include colour but at least they hired one of the great directors in Michael Curtiz.
I just noticed in this screen capture that Jimmy Cagney has shoes that couldn't lift him any higher and still allow his feet to function.


A pretty fair price.

If I was still capable of playing golf then I'd be attracted to this course at Macknade.
It was nice to go for a short drive today, hopefully Olivia will continue to improve.


A timely loss.

This chunk of bad tooth fell out of my mouth at lunchtime, it should save a bit of time on Monday week when the dentist was planning on pulling the pieces of a couple of molar's out, now there's one less piece.
It should also be my last dental visit for years, after 20 months of priority work being done.
An abstract way of thinking is that the work has all happened under our current State government after 10 years of being under a waiting list with the previous government, so if the current government is so criticised for reducing staff numbers then just what did those staff do? because the current staff have fixed my teeth.


Q: What's this?

A: Jimmy imitating Tiger Woods.



This seemed a bit of a contradiction to me, a smoking cutoff at the stairs to the medical centre, that may lead the multitude of parents to think it's fine to smoke while they're overseeing their children play on Scruffy, but I think we have state laws banning smoking within 4 metres of a play area, so for me there's a simple solution to this quandary.

Slowly coming down.

Fuel prices are slowly dropping here, but at least they're coming down.


The new road surface is painted now.

Any excuse to post a photo will do.
I only noticed because a USA built two wheeled tractor was held up by the painting. Because those bikes are almost invariably modified by removal of any form of silencing (or even fitting them in reverse so they act as a loudener) I was alerted to something happening when the sound on the TV was overpowered.
At least I have a broken windscreen as a memento of the budget tar and gravel method they used.

Still looking good.

I popped up to check on Grace's grave and say hello this morning, it's only 10 days from her birthday but we're often underwater at that time of year.
Grace is buried opposite Bill Digger and I must say I'm grateful to his family as we have a pair of neat graves that look fresh and follow the cemetery rules of only having flowers in the two pots.


A surprise pairing.

Spotted in Coles tonight was this CD, I saw a video of this the other day and was very pleasantly surprised by it, I've been a fan of Tony Bennett for 40+ years but knew nothing of Lady Gaga except she seemed a free spirit. What came as a surprise was that Tony Bennett can still sing and perform at 88 y/o, something which the mighty Sinatra lost at about 60, plus the Lady Gaga can actually sing as well as perform. She now gets my tick of approval and it's a shame there isn't more performers like these performing classic songs done in a relaxed non-stress inducing way.
If Tony Bennett can just stay alive for a while longer perhaps more big name singers who are unknown to older generations may be discovered.


Goodyear Ducaro GA

I bought a tyre depth gauge to play with and I wish I'd bought one years ago, much easier to use than vernier calipers, anyhow my tyres as per the title heading have 6 mm of tread depth remaining, this didn't look good so I measured the unused spare and it has 7 mm of tread, so it appears I've used 1 mm in 1130 km of driving, at that rate when it gets down to my change tyre zone of 3 mm they shall have only done some 5000 km or so, much like a bike tyre.
It all sounds very suss to me, maybe they have a supersoft top layer so all the journalists write impressive articles about grip levels, then have a hard as iron layer further down where no journalist would ever discover, but regardless and despite me having no complaint about how they drive I was never going to buy these as a replacement anyway.
They actually have a UTQG rating of 240, which is very high by Australian standards where traders insist on stocking tyres with extremely grippy soft compounds with great wet weather handling that are well suited to our long straight dry roads, meanwhile the rest of the world have to be satisfied with long lasting UTQGs of over 400 so as to not bother the tyre shops every few months.

Olivia's shoulder.

Olivia had a photo taken of her bones today as arm movement is still agony for her. Naturally the CD they gave her used proprietary software for the images rather than just save as a jpg or something simple, but the top bone has a broken look to me, perhaps the second one as well. If anyone has good x-ray eyes opinions are welcomed.


Snake skin.

We should have a more comfortable snake residing somewhere at our place now, it must feel good shedding the old tight skin.
For some reason Olivia is a bit spooked by this but I'm happy sharing the place with them.


Perhaps this is the mystery place?

Somewhat different now but there's a few similarities with this site and the one on that old photo.
Thanks fellows.