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Day 5 to Vineyard.

After Lithgow we headed to Katoomba to check out the Three Sisters but things have changed a plenty since my last visit, you now have to pay but with the crowds that are there now spaces close enough are like hen's teeth, so I dropped Olivia off and drove around the block while letting her photograph away.
Some of the crowd.
Picking Olivia up again was even more difficult as stopping places for picking up are rare and Olivia doesn't understand yet that stopping at all in a no stopping zone almost results in a long jail term, we don't have a death penalty so that's about all they can do.
An odd one here but to add a Philippines touch we stopped at Rizal Park at Rooty Hill, Rizal was a hero of the Philippines who died in 1899 and every locality in the country has a Rizal Rd/St.
Olivia was glum because Jimby groaned about the smudge she had left on the camera lens after using it at the Three Sisters.
But then she cheered up when she found a lovely spinning bucket that seemingly had her name on it.
Then on to our quite excellent accommodation for the next three nights at Vineyard, we had about the middle one of the blue huts in the background, about all that was lacking was WiFi and Foxtel but the price was superb and it was very comfortable.

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