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New toaster, I wish I'd wiped the fingerprints off before grabbing a piccie.



Jimmy dropped this pesky little sapphire four years ago and Grace found it yesterday after we removed our old couch. Stay tuned for when the new couch arrives, it should offer slight comfort to visitors instead of groans.



I thought having a waterproof camera would be useful, this one is less than stellar but good enough in good light, on the plus side it was the right price and Grace has been having plenty of fun with it. It should be very handy when it floods or I have to go out on a rainy day.
Because there's still one country in the world that uses a different measuring system Jimmy modified its markings to save confusion.


Naughty boy.

No gloves, you shouldn't ride without wearing gloves.
He was heading into the soccer grounds, I heard him from about a megametre away so had plenty of time to have a go at getting a shot, it was nearly as loud as an average one of those V-twin USA motorcycles, changing the exhaust will do that, usually without any increase in power. It doesn't matter in these parts though as it seems the chances of being policed about noise are somewhere between minuscule and none.



This nail will take the smile off the owner's face when they notice it.
It looks like the tyre's feathering a little bit too, probably caused by being conned into a "wheel alignment" when it was fitted. Wheel alignments must rank right up with brake rotor machining when it comes to useless profit adding for workshops.
Spotted near JB-Hifi in Townsville after I took Rhonda to the airport on Monday.


Spotted today, hard to think of any overwhelming urge to buy two of them instead of one.
I suppose I'll get UNIVERSAL agreement about that.


Grace has scored some pretty things.

It being Mothers Day today Rhonda gave Grace some goodies she grabbed during her recent overseas journey.
I merely shelled out for a tin of choccies to keep the girls happy.


Flowers for Mum.

Rhonda took Artie for a spin this morning and came back with some flowers for Grace, she's a sweetie.

Relaxing last night.

Rhonda is playing with a phone, it's something that seems to come naturally to women, however Jimmy being a man finds them quite a mystery that's better left untouched.


Another welcome Rhonda visit.

Rhonda flew up this weekend to visit Grace, Jimmy took a photo but she was lucky enough to have an aisle seat and didn't see him taking a photo, so didn't wave.
I suppose at about 750 metres away in the cemetery she wouldn't have seen me anyway.

Virginblue must have a lot of aeroplanes, this one appears to be #136789.


The Shed.

I went along to the meeting where we're trying to start a branch of "The Shed" in Ingham, much work has been done and it looks very promising, hopefully a lot of good may come from this.
Anyway here's a scan of the flyer for a bus trip to show locals what the Burdekin Shed gets up to.
They really wish for a new logo, I think I'll have a bit of a play later.

Plus a photo of the group at the meeting for the CWA for men.
Very ordinary photo I'm afraid, I was battling light and didn't really have the right tool for the job.
The Shed has an online site here
Hopefully I can find an outlet to become useful.



There may be a love affair with open air eateries clogging walkways but I don't share it.


Saturn with a Nikon P510

I've just shot this while having a play tonight, I'm sure plenty can do better, especially since our air is usually like porridge but Jimmy is rapt. First time he's seen it as more than a speck.

Since it was under the moon tonight I may as well post a common and plain old moon shot as well.

I didn't know they could do that.

Not a good photo but Skippy was 160 metres away, anyway it appears they can move their rear legs in a separate fashion.