Day 5 Bathurst to Lithgow.

The start of the day put us in a good mood, we began to pack Daisy and this lovely pair of lasses asked if I had jumper leads, no said Jimby but I have one of those tiny new little battery packs that should get you started, however I did get a little paler when I saw it was a diesel but the little starter pack spun it into life, putting smiles on everybody.
The exhaust if puffing and happiness abounds.
 Olivia at the very bland front of The Hallows accommodation, which was an excellent place to stay.
Being so close to the Mount Panorama circuit we had to do a lap, albeit with a punitive speed limit.
Nearing the top at Yetholme, the highest part of our whole trip.
A detour to Portland cemetery to see the graves of our neighbours at one time when Grace and I lived in Lithgow, they were smokers who despite having emphysema had no desire to stop their drug addiction, I see their son has also died now but with Grace dead I have nobody to tell.
My old workmate Al with his wife Robyn, both looking well, Al had his birthday on Sunday and Robyn has hers on Thursday, Happy Birthday.
Another workmate Bronwyn who's looking really good still, it's been 20 years since I worked with her.
We had to buy a card so we could use public transport when we visited Sydney, what was most irksome was it took an absolute age of waiting to achieve that seemingly simple task, Olive loves a selfie and here she sits waiting for her number to be called.

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