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The Cube, a successful revisit.

I bought a genuine cheap Chinese cube the other week in a hope of rekindling what I used to be fairly good at 37 years ago, and I'm happy to report that I've succeeded in being able to solve it once more, although I should keep working at it.
I have not the slightest interest in being quick at it, just being able to solve it without poring over paperwork will do me. I must say that I think things have advanced with algorithms over the years and have made my learning easier.
This cube is also a fantastic one to operate, it turns very easily and smoothly and also has solid colours rather than stickers.


Goodbye fence post.

My friend Daryl has been rather irked by our broken fence post since my dad Fred broke it a few months ago with his car, which also resulted in Mother deciding he wasn't going to drive any longer, so Daryl was keen to remove the post. We tried an engine crane on it but that had a zero result.

So then we did a bit of digging and found a pretty massive foundation.
So we cut the steel reinforcing off below ground level and filled in the hole. Job Done and now the post serves as a garden edge. More fool us for doing anything on a 36 degree day.


Exactly the same age here.

Upon looking at some of my old photos I saw I had taken shots of Grace when she was exactly my age today, so I took a shot of myself to compare. Fairly pointless really.


Jimby has another.

I blew out candles this birthday.
And the years melted away.
Many thanks to my Parents here for inviting us up on what is their wedding anniversary.


A blue moon eclipse and a lesson.

First the blue as in 2nd full moon this month.
Then the eclipse started.
Then it was total and a blood moon, but the lesson is don't shoot hand held as all I scored was a blurry mess.
Now for some meaningless trivia that the family might find curious. The Queen gave birth to Prince Charles when she was 8244 days old, my brother Mick died when he was 8244 days old.


Doing our community bit this morning.

Olivia and I sang some Aussie songs at the Shire's Australia Day ceremony. No new citizens this year but that's a sign of the current situation, something that's been quite stressful for Olivia.

They gave us fancy certificates for our little effort.


Mayon is erupting again.

It erupted a couple of weeks before I was there to marry Olivia too. Active volcanoes have a real wow factor for us Aussies who live in the land of calm.