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I actually enjoy being positive for a change.

We were at a Xmas themed seniors do at the Shire Hall today and this fellow Nev Milne entertained us, he was very good and I even messaged the council not to be afraid of hiring him again some time.
The event was a junket to use up some ratepayers money but I still got a positive feeling from it, helped by my taking minimum advantage of the refreshments on offer.
On a frustrating note was when Nev performed "Little Drummer Boy" which like pretty well all of his numbers was a singalong one, I realised it was made for my voice, or at least the pom poms are as a counter to the girls singing the real notes, but it isn't in our Sing Australia catalogue.


Very fancy teeth now.

I just had another two teeth filled by the best dentist ever, Brittany Burberry at the Ingham Hospital, I don't have many teeth left but at least those few are fairly presentable now.
We sing later today in town so I had to insist on no needles but she's such an artist there was only minimal pain despite her worried brow.
Now I notice I missed a whisker, so I'd better lop it off before showing myself in public. I've already had a nice close cropped haircut which should hide my baldness and make the girls less ashamed of me when the sing sweet dulcet tones alongside frogmouth Jimby.


Rusty is normal it seems.

I took a photo of this pushbike later after a tiny bit of shopping, I can't say I'm pleased by the amount of chains I see that have never felt the caressing feel of oil.

Something fun to do.

We were at a place called the Hub, which to me appears to exist solely as a means of using up taxpayer money, and I was waiting for Olivia who was doing something that's a mystery to me, and eventually after eyeing millions of brochures that must nearly encourage men to beat their spouses, I sat down and sorted out this far from simple puzzle.


It does work,but why?

This town clock was repaired a couple of years ago after somebody had noticed that it had stopped but without giving the bits around it a good refurbishment I can't see the point of bothering.


We can hope.

Olivia took our budget but pretty decent S32 camera to the pool today but it drowned. I think the back became unfastened for whatever reason but now I'm hoping it can dry out and become serviceable again, I do wish the battery had been immediately removed but at least it isn't seawater.


A welcome visitor leaves.

My Father Fred has been at our place for the last four weeks, he's getting on a bit now and was fairly crook when he arrived but most of his health has returned now so he's heading back south to sort things out with my Mother regards them possibly moving north again.
We had 138 mm of rain here on the day he left so hooking up the trailer was a pain, and a nervous one for me as I had fitted and wired new lights on it but happily they all lit up in the correct manner.
I took of photo of Fred and Olivia a few minutes before leaving, since it's a nice photo I'm posting it, Olivia's own parent's died a long time ago and it's been a surprise for her to marry into having in-laws.