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A much simpler fix.

While I was in the local hardware store today I spied a whole wheel and tyre setup that matches our little wagon, it also wasn't cruelly priced so I decided to do a quick simple fix.
When the new tube arrives I'll fit it and use it for a spare.


Time for a clean.

I looked at my motherboard today and saw the CPU fan was filthy, so tonight when the internet is strained by busy people with limited hours I shut down and pulled it off for a clean.
It didn't take long, wash the metal bit and rag the plastic fan bit and things look sweeter again.
A fresh dab of heatsink paste and it was done.
Since I pay the power bill I don't overclock which cranks up the power consumption, so the standard heatsink is fine.

Day 12, finish.

Last day and apart from this little detour to this magical little beach at Bowen we just drove home.
Olivia quickly felt the magic of it too, it didn't even have much of a splashing of noisy waves either.
Olivia has her eyes on a bird.
This one, and that's about it for our little 5,000 km journey to let Olivia have a bit of an experience of Sydney. No incidents this time, but I'm still waiting for a speeding ticket in the mail from inadvertently allowing Daisy's speedo to go above 50 on the very steep beginning of Conrod straight at Bathurst.

Day 11, to Mackay.

This was the high point since we left NSW, just north of Monto.
I had used the WiFi from yesterday to book accommodation at Mackay but hadn't spent enough time thinking of how long it'd take to drive there, I had advised arrival between 14:00 and 15:00 but soon I'd realise that I'll have to keep moving in order not to appear as a liar.
 Unless they're magicians I'd say the tree might have grown a bit since the tyre was placed there.
We made it to the Motel with a few minutes to spare and my ego intact. The motel was quite good but as we found fairly typically the TV was only good for the free channels in standard definition, but at least it had free WiFi. The main road is off to the left behind the building behind Daisy, they were doing roadworks that night which were fairly noisy, as too was the folk next door who insisted on talking forever outside our window, very likely trying to see how many cigarettes they could consume.


Ka-boom! and now the mystery is solved.

A few days ago Olivia and I heard something at the back of our house explode and despite having a good look neither of us could work out what it was, until today.
I noticed a wheel on our cart looked awry, on inspection the tube had exploded, I guess I must have over inflated it a little bit so be warned, the construction of the wheel isn't up to it.
I've ordered a new tube as I don't think I can repair this one, but doubtless there'll be plenty of folk in Philippines vulcanising shops who would leap at fixing this for a few Pesos.

Day 10, the long way home, via Monto.

A sky shot before leaving Walgett, the constellation Sporpio is on the left.
Millmerran is a nice looking town, I had left in the morning without any real plans on where to go but decided I wanted to see Cecil Plains sometime, it has such a lovely name, but we didn't stop.
The Lions Lagoon at Dalby, nice.
A nice spot at Mundubbera.
We stopped for the night at Monto Caravan Park in this cabin. We both like Monto and the park is good, the cabin seems overpriced but in hindsight we may well stop here again, there's a nice feel about it, and the did have free WiFi.
Birds feeding as the light was fading.
Disaster struck when a caster wheel broke off the bed, I left this note, I surprised myself by being neat enough to be able to read much of it, usually my writing is much worse.

Day 9, Walgett again.

I think the foreground track came from that red machine.

It must be a Walgett thing as after reviewing this shot I noticed the dust cap on the tyre valve was missing, on my last visit here some time ago two of Daisy's were "borrowed", this trip I changed my nice ones for some cheap blue ones before leaving home, something I later found out was a mistake and caused me to look snooty when it came time for a tyre change, blue caps are meant to indicate a nitrogen fill. The tyres on this van will be an expensive exercise when replacing them, that load rating will add to the cost.
The council should either modify this sign or remove it, they've had nearly two years to do it so I have to wonder about how it's being run.
An interesting bit of wildlife, some bugs are grouping to what I imagine appears to the world like a flower.
A drink with my dad, my sole drink on the trip, or for a few months.
I did a couple more jobs for my parents after grabbing some bits from Sydney, something to let me feel useful, but no photos.