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Watch time again.

Olivia bought herself a new used watch today from the Salvos, I'm hoping looking at the worn coating on the face that it's using good old fashioned radium to make it glow in the dark rather than the new stuff that's fairly useless, but we'll have to wait until dark.
Of course it wasn't going when she purchased it but Jimby likes that since he enjoys replacing batteries, however this one had a major issue that was only found upon opening the case.
With my lousy eyesight it took a few seconds of puzzled looking until the tiny spark in my head realised "idiot! it's a wind up watch" a little wind had it ticking away quite silently.
We shall call this buy a win, Olivia's very happy.
I suppose in my defense I had to take a photo of the face in order to read the brand label, so the dead set giveaway words like jewels and incabloc weren't read.


A learning experience.

I was asked to replace another watch battery in this somewhat fancier one than I'd usually play with, naturally as it has a fancy label it takes a slightly different cell than the ones I'm used to, but no worries I've ordered some in.
The worries started later when I wanted to see if the crown worked alright to set the hands.
That was the end of my easy job, the stem had corroded away a bit and the crown snapped off, and off I had to look online for a new (and overpriced) stem, I just hope I can get the bit of stem out of the old crown later.
I hope Kevin who owns the watch is in a good mood as he isn't going to like this and the reality is that it isn't really worth the effort of pursuing it but I do like the concept of maintaining things in running order.
It seems this model has a quite complex system of resetting things after battery replacement, and that's something I found out about after investigating it online, you've got to love the internet.


A day out at Abergowrie.

There was a NAIDOC event at the Abergowrie school today which we putted out to experience and I can very happily report that I got myself a lovely little Aboriginal flag, a flag I like for probably all the wrong reasons. The singer in the background was a lass known as Casey Donovan, a name that I had heard of but this was first exposure to her, she has a fine voice but I think the material let her down.
This shocked me but in a very positive way, a Hyundai police car, that is so sensible.
This bit of machinery is a great target for a photo, what I found a bit startling was how wide it was, by my pacing I reckon 3 metres wide, you'd never get it registered even if it ran.
What must be causing nightmares is while it looks like it could us a fresh coat of lovely pretty paint it's riddled with metal cancer. No easy answer for this dilemma.
Another problem is that it appears to have become a rubbish bin.
A back view of chef Mark Olive addressing us visitors, he has a show on TV called The Black Olive but what I really liked about him was onstage earlier when after other presenters performed all I heard was mumbled words not knowing what they were talking about, then he came on and I could understand most of what he was saying, this made me feel better about my ears. I wasn't comfortable in the crowd in front of him so I shuffled of away from the hustle and bustle.
For a where's Wally (Waldo) moment Olivia is in this picture, and just to make it easier for those adventurous enough to have a go look up from the red cup.


Wasted time.

I bought a cheap Chinese spot welder a while back but when I finally felt like giving it a go it tripped the house circuit breaker, being a fixit sort of chap I had a good look at it, then as I had the transformer out and was thinking I may have the difficult task of removing the laminations and rewinding it I had a bit of a look online and now just think its current draw is a bit to much for the circuit I was using, so this piccie shows me reassembling it, at least I have a sharper haircut than James May even if my house hat hides most of it.
I'm thinking of adding a home made ballast coil to the transformer input but I'm now in wait and see mode before I try something else.
I sort of wish I'd made up a unit using supercapacitors but this unit has a nice case as well as a pretty decent timer and physical welding probes, something I could rejig later if I decide to make a supercapacitor welder.


A bit of watch practice.

The other week Susan observed her watch had stopped, and since I make a hobby of changing batteries I checked it out but was surprised it wasn't a common size (SR616SW/321) so had to order one in.
Today it arrived and Soosie brought in a couple more that thankfully took the common AG4/377 size, so I had a bit of extra practice.
The Perry Cardin and Donna Karan (DKNY) ones here even have essentially the same movement but while the Gold one was fairly simple the back of the DKNY one had four screws that thankfully were phillips head but I also had to remove the watchband.
A big boo to the odd battery Aquaswiss watch that also had difficult slotted screws holding the back on, I'm too old to cope with the extra layer of fiddlyness they cause.
I think I've heard that Perry Cardin name somewhere, I must check it out and see how much extra they charge for the name.


More waffle.

Just a show pic, since sideshow alley is usually packed with our younger citizens this is also where the vast majority of smokers can be found, I'm unsure if there's such a person as a non-smoking carnie.
The woodchopping is a traditional event at Australian shows, and looking at the participants many of them must date from its origins many generations ago, sad really.
I took a long rest break in the grandstand and took some photos but really I should have moved closer and lower to try and get some good horse shots, a lesson for the future.
I think these three were being rewarded but the sound system used at the ground was merely loud, for some obtuse reason that had noise that was masquerading as music pumping out of the speakers in a purely distortion ridden fashion, it did a fine job of turning my smile upside down but I a frail old man now and needed to rest for a while.
Olivia posing with some sugarcane, this is something I'd keep in the show forever despite it being of no interest to me.
Our friend Sharon entered a few photos in different sections and cleaned up nicely, something like three wins and a couple of 2nds but this one which I had thought her best one last week got nowhere, further proof that I have no taste.
As we were leaving I tried to line up a shot of Narelle and Olivia with a reflection of Narelle in Olivia's eyes, but it's been that sort of day and even that didn't come off very well.
Oh well I've already worked out what photo I'll put in next year, hopefully I'll get a few more through the year.

More Show stuff.

An upstairs view of the exhibits pavilion, when we moved here 14 years ago the top floor was full of school displays, to a degree it still is but a few schools have closed since or don't display so the ones who do have expanded.
One of the school displays demonstrate why phone cameras are a bad idea for portraits, their wide lens and no zoom make for moon faces, I also would have thought all the sensors were colour ones now but I suppose the teachers are young enough now not to appalled as I am by B&W stuff.
We met up with our friends Narelle, Katie and Stephanie, three generations from old to young, Stephanie is blessed by still having a perfect complexion at 9 years of age, I'd asked her to look glum but it seems her good mood overwhelmed her.
In theory the show is a non-smoking event but I realised I was making waves when I asked the police who were standing near this smoker if that was the case, since they were only liaison officers and hadn't been issued guns I suppose that was a pretty fair attitude.