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Photography is difficult when your eyesight is hopeless.

I tested my walking on a trip to my parent's place, dunno whether it was a pass or fail, I was stronger than when I walked a week ago but still not up to scratch and can't really consider it a viable means of getting about. Balance issues still affect me, something's amiss.
I heard a helicopter and had just enough time to pull my camera out and wind up a bit of zoom, then point in what I thought was the right direction and hope for the best, happily I managed a result, maybe not a great one but I was shooting blind(ish). Must be whatever the Chinooks have evolved into as I thought they had pensioned Chinooks off years ago.
 Then I saw Skippy jump across the path and road in front of my so did the same routine, clever Skippy though had hidden himself (what am I saying? clever Skippies are invariably female) behind the guard rail, you'll see part of him in the right side of the shot. Come to think of it he must have been male as rather than take the easy approach of hopping around the armco it snuck under it.
Why post a crap piccie like this? it was a nice day so thus a pretty scene, and kangaroos are not that common in other countries.


I found a tooth.

I had a CT scan of my head today due to having a bit of a health issue, at least to my naive and useless anyway eyes, things look pretty fine, about all of note to me is finding a tooth in the lower part next to the brain stem, it'll be calculus stuff that comes with age, whether or not it's anything of note the doctor can tell me.
I have had some balance and fatigue issues that have built up enough over time to ask about.
I was hoping getting zapped by the machine's near fatal dose of radiation would fix my cataracts but I wasn't that lucky.


Froggy haven.

If you have one of these weather stations and find it's running rather awry with its transmissions then have a look inside and check the housing for the transmitter (the thing with what looks like a spring poking out of it).
Chances are that you may have a collection of froggies resting up over the winter dry season.
I've found them in two units locally that I've rendered nicely serviceable again in the last fortnight.


Nothing of note here.

I inspected Daisy's spark plugs again and all looked pretty good. The lead that's been long gone from petrol won't be missed by the plugs.


Denture Jimby

After much work and plenty of pain and blood I received a set of dentures today which now I'll have to break my mouth into.
They change my gap laden mouth from this.
Into this.
This shot also shows why a wide angle lens (which is also universal on cellphones) is a very lousy choice for portraits. Don't worry about my left eye looking useless as it only sees blurs anyway and until my turn comes up for a cataract operation is only a passenger, hopefully my lesser cataract suffering right eye will hold up until then or I'll be getting myself a white cane.
Ah the joys of ageing, but it's still often better than the alternative.



A change of flowers for Grace.
Then on to wander about the service folks graves, It's nice that someone puts flags on their graves every ANZAC day but it's a lonely place while the schools march in town.


Late but still premature.

I changed Daisy's air filter this morning, the first change in the 3.5 years since we adopted her, still no major drama with the old one but I've had the new one under the house for a fair period now and it barely escaped the recent flood, so I was spurred into action.