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Olivia got herself a new baby yesterday and when pressed for a name I suggested Candice after the winner of the Great British Bake off final which happened about an hour before we adopted "Candy".
She's very real and cute but hope our reality doesn't get warped for this childless couple.


Very fancy.

We had a really big win yesterday when Olivia bought a bookcase from our local trading group on Facebook, it was a free giveaway and was packed neatly in its box ready to be reassembled, even better was them going to the trouble of delivering it and the strong fit chap even carrying the 32 kg box up the stairs and inside, a huge win.
Because it had been assembled before it was a fairly simple job to finish off, now we'll just have to tidy up this Karaoke gear.


A flower for Grace.

I took out a flower from our yard today, the same as the one I gave her very close to four years ago when we buried her.

This reminded me of something.

I had a mandarin last night and the resulting peel reminded me of something.


A Philippines Kangaroo.

In my travels thanks to the wonders of Google I found a Kangaroo on the side of the highway just south of Daraga, I hope it's better behaved than our local ones, who must have learned how to react to traffic from the deer in the USA.


Another tooth gone.

The curved root made this one a difficult job for the excellent dentist who suffered having me today.
I had gone to had the tooth she put a temporary filling into a few months ago pulled but my tears when describing how much pain this burglar on the other side of my mouth was giving persuaded her to pull it instead.
Of course life isn't simple for those of us who use the free public system, now Olivia has to phone the system in order to do as the dentist requested and get two more teeth pulled, at least soon there won't be any left to hurt me.

Best after.

My parents visited the other day and I saw this on the side of a bottle of beer my Dad brought with him, I've never seen a best after date on anything before.