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Days 2,3,4 Walgett.

We arrived at Walgett a bit after 16:00 to find my parents place locked up tight with chains on the fence, Olivia couldn't even get through to their phone, this was quite depressing since my Mother knew we should be arriving that afternoon, things of course got worse when we noticed that not only was this lovely central park closed at night, its lavatories were already locked, as well as the the ones around the corner from my parents, not very welcoming to visitors.
Later when we were wondering WTF we were going to do Olivia's phone rang while we were away walking and they still hadn't noticed Daisy parked outside their gate, depressing really.
Dad wanted a hand removing this old swamp cooler motor from their window, which resulted in allowing some light into their house.
I saw a 1979 photo of my Mother and I and since I didn't have a scanner I used daisy as a mount for taking a shot of it.
The result. Good enough for a scrappy shot.
A reverse photo from the first one, with the daily bus at the town stop, happily the lavatories were now unlocked and a safer place to go than at my parents.
I advised Olivia that this is why I don't park close to kerbs.
People still smoke even at these prices.
I set to work fixing their washing machine, when I saw it was a twin tub I instinctively zeroed in immediately to the drain pump, where in the past I've known problems. It was a good choice as a very dead and smelly frog had clogged the pump. Result a very quick and easy fix and a very happy Mother.
 Saying goodbye as we head off to Sydney.

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