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Some more of our front steps will need replacing soon, this Staghorn fern appears to have set up home on one of them, good on it, or them as it seems.


Ho Hum.

Mundane things like a broken down car being put on a tow truck are interesting again now that it's sunny and we're not flooded.


Normality returns.

After all the flooding we've had we've begun to get our lives back.
Here's new rain sender thingy for a gauge Grace can monitor inside, the wood is from a tree Yasi blew bits off. The cable ties are to stop birdies perching upon it.

This shot has a bit of what the photo people call bokeh, with the blurred background. To me it's just a flaw made worse by a large sensor, I grabbed a NX100 Samsung camera the other week at a very good price and think its large sensor can be very useful for having a bit of fun and getting a crisp result.



If I had known we'd have had constant rain this week I would have done a bit of extra shopping on Tuesday.
Tru is too low to drive into town and we're both too frail (Grace doesn't even go down the stairs any more) to wade past the crocodile infested bridge. I suppose the water will drop by Sunday when naturally all the shops will be shut, then next week they say that we're in for some proper rain. So far this month we've copped 800 mm of rain, way more than our average, more even than London in Pommyland averages in a year.
Some blue sky would be nice, hopefully before we run out of food and starve.


Naughty Jimmy.

He parked Tru in BSES's yard up the road to try and keep her feet dry, at least he wasn't the only one, a couple more had the same idea despite signs warning of the death penalty or something similar for even thinking of driving in there without seeing the office first. Of course due to the wet nobody was there to see anyway so hopefully no drama shall ensue.


Here we go another time.

Rain, rain, rain! At least this time we've had enough for a little flooding, I've lost count but this must be the hundredth time it's flooded here since Xmas. Naturally the so called Highway has been cut north and south of Ingham again, so truck drivers lose yet more money and our mail doesn't get through.



As I've become increasingly frail over the years I notice that I bruise like a girl now.
I made the mistake of mowing near the fence the other day and Jenny's dog jumped half over it and bit my arm.
The dog should be very grateful not to be in the USA, with their people's freedom to bear arms.
With her down to only having one vicious dog I was starting to regain some freedom to wander in our yard after years when she had as many as three continuous nasty noise machines, but now I'll just return to being a prisoner inside the house again, the grass near her place can grow as it likes from now on.


Here we go again.

Our third flood since Xmas but hopefully this is as much as we get, providing the rain doesn't do another gotcha.
It's the first time we've seen a "water over road" sign near us.

It'd be nice to get back into a comfort zone again, the stress is getting a bit much.