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Perhaps a bit of a blow coming?

We've been following the scaremongering about Cyclone Anthony this weekend and to our pleasure it's left us alone, but behind it is a class 7 killstorm that according to some brains is heading right over our roof.

I shall keep watch on this.


Night test.

I had to see how the fancy new lit number looked. Happily it's pretty good plus looks rough enough that people won't think us too fancy.
What's more impressive to me is I used the cheap new Samsung camera hand held using its dual anti-shake setting and took 9 shots in the hope I'd end up with one that wasn't blurry beyond recognition, To my surprise all 9 were usable, although large sensor purists will pooh-pooh the noise of the 800 ISO that it used.
There was a bit of light from the soccer oval to explain why a fair bit of background is visible.

Fun project,

I'll know tonight if it's any good, the pictures tell the story but it's a fancy new house number that may be slightly visible in the evening.

I've got some garden shears coming that I'll hack a bit of the plant stuff that grows like topsy away from it, them plants seem to love the rain and a bit of extra carbon dioxide floating around.


A bit different.

Ingham had a model town look about it this morning, pity I didn't have the patience to get a better picture but the miniature setting on the camera has its possibilities.
The bike must have been a local as it had the familiar sound of not having a working muffler.

We only had minimal intrusion from the flood, about knee level under the house, but we've had a lot of disruption to our mail service due to road closures. The lack of usable roads also mean our shops once again resemble old Soviet bloc ones, with shelves having an empty look about them, next week things should improve a lot.



...It's still far easier to block a parking spot than push a shopping cart 10 metres to a collection area.

New sign.

This crocodile sign appeared this week at Log Creek down our street. The rapid response team in the Government must have reacted to the crocodile that was seen there four years ago.



If the coin deposit on trolleys gets people back in the habit of walking a few metres maybe rubbish will be less often thrown in such a lazy fashion.

Keen eyes may notice the common parking space blocker cart in the background.

Harsh but sensible.

I noticed Coles have new smaller trolleys entering service that require a coin deposited. It's sure to cause a fair amount of grumbling but witnessing the number of them in the most lazy fashion including blocking other cars from scoring a parking space as well as people who insist on taking them and all the way home despite signs imploring them not to.
Maybe they'll rediscover their legs if they want their dollar back.

Number's up.

The two that blew off in the little wisp of a breeze they called a cyclone broke as soon as I picked it up from its watery grave but after drying I glued and painted it. Naturally the three followed suit when I whacked the rusty screw out of it, so I had to glue it too.

Anyway we now have blue numbers fitted into newly drilled holes in a semi-straight fashion.



This is why jobbers like me never do any good, there's a reflection of a rather unattractive head in the gem's facet.
Good excuse to show some close up bling though ;)
The new cheap Samsung camera's performing pretty well too.

Princess Grace.

Today it's Grace's turn to feel like a Queen, The royal ring and the crown brooch arrived.
The ring cost a fortune but it fits and adds a bit of bling, the brooch was good old cheap bling.


Another Year.

Happy new year to all, lets hope we don't struggle too badly.

The compressor here was a victim of our flood, there's probably a few other things but we didn't have much trouble. It got a bit of water in with its oil when it tipped over due to a Jimmy oversight.
No great drama it could have done with a change anyway, and I'd bought the cheap generic oil some time back.