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Day 9, Walgett again.

I think the foreground track came from that red machine.

It must be a Walgett thing as after reviewing this shot I noticed the dust cap on the tyre valve was missing, on my last visit here some time ago two of Daisy's were "borrowed", this trip I changed my nice ones for some cheap blue ones before leaving home, something I later found out was a mistake and caused me to look snooty when it came time for a tyre change, blue caps are meant to indicate a nitrogen fill. The tyres on this van will be an expensive exercise when replacing them, that load rating will add to the cost.
The council should either modify this sign or remove it, they've had nearly two years to do it so I have to wonder about how it's being run.
An interesting bit of wildlife, some bugs are grouping to what I imagine appears to the world like a flower.
A drink with my dad, my sole drink on the trip, or for a few months.
I did a couple more jobs for my parents after grabbing some bits from Sydney, something to let me feel useful, but no photos.

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