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Starter swap.

I bought another starter motor for Tru a while back, and have finally got around to fitting it.
With nearly 200k km on her odometer and her parts being readily available and cheap, it made sense to me to play with it in the comfort of home rather than being inconvenienced on a trip and copping a tow-truck and a top dollar unit.

Inspecting the old unit showed it to be in pretty good nick, so I cleaned it and slapped a bit of fresh grease where it looked like lube would help. I would have liked to rebush it but they didn't appear easily found online, probably with the entire unit fairly cheap not enough people bother any more.

I also must have been under a rock for the last 30 years as they now have permanent magnet poles on them which work very well. They seem much better than the old electro magnet jobs.

The new starter has a nicer feel to it than the old one which surprised me but it made the job worth while and gave the Tru a new feel when starting her. I'll keep the old one as an emergency spare, who knows? since they fit all 6 cyl Falcons since 1965 it may even save someone else's tail.


A fixture.

This Magna has been parked here every time I've driven past for the last couple of months.
The number plates have been removed so it'd be a fair guess to assume it's unregistered, but without them I suppose it's way too difficult a proposition for the council to pinch it for overstaying the two hour time zone.

Quite an odd case.


A born tinkerer.

I found the white power indicator on the new computer very bland, and I had some green surface mount LEDs here, so I decided to pretty up the new baby.

This would have been easy 30 years ago but age really does weary, and my eyes can hardly cope any more, these things are tiny now.


Time to move on.

Lets see what happens.

It only cost $20 from the Salvo's shop, so I'd feel guilty about making any money from it.
I've had fun getting it rideable again though it reminded me of my dicky knee.

It's time to move onto another plaything.


All clean and shiny now.

Well sort of cleanish anyway. I did clean out, relube and readjust the rolley pedally bits of the pushbike. It's really a bit more complex than I fancy using, it has more gears than any normal person could find use for.

Maybe I'll park it out front and see how long it stays there.



I suppose I'd better clean up the old pushbike. The flood last year coated everything with mud and I'm finally getting things sorted out now that we're led to believe our house isn't going to be resumed.

More bling.

I spotted these felt battery post thingies at Supercheap auto the other day, priced to clear at $1.

Very nice.

I spotted this the other day, very nice paint job on the truck wheels.

Fancy number, or at least fairly visible.

The number I'd painted on the fencepost had faded a bit so I did a fresh one stencil style.
It should be easy to keep it fresh, if not professional looking.


Naughty Ryco.

this morning I saw this at Supercheap auto. You'd think a filter company as old as they are would know that Ford Australia have never made a V6 Falcon in the nearly 50 years they've been making them.

Usual luck.

I picked out eight of these screws to fit castors to my computer desk, as per my usual luck one of them had a casting fault in the head so I had to make another trip downstairs, D'OH!



Here's a piccie of the eastern road bypass proposal, I put an ugly pink arrow to show our place.
According to their flood model geniuses we could expect up to 0.1 m higher levels at our place if it's used. Of course that's only their best guess and anything's possible, duh!

None of this matters because the western option just off the left of this piccie would be the red hot favourite and its flood effect on us is minimal at worst.

The politics in the town will probably still move the road through our house, so we shouldn't relax too much.

Nice place.

I went here yesterday to check out the flood model the road people have come up with.
They had a meeting/lecture planned for residents of Fairford Rd but I thought it'd be sensible to roll up to the open display earlier just to check if it was worth my time later.
I decided that I'd seen all I needed to after a few minutes and gave the lecture a miss. I know a lot of people pretend to be studious but I know my attention span is about two minutes before my mind wanders off, best to save them the hassle of putting up with me.

I still think that all the consultants are doing is dragging things out as long as possible so they can keep their fingers in the taxpayers purse. The flood model could have been drawn up in a week on a high school assignment.

New toy.

Jimmy has a new computer, and it's only a tiny little baby one.
Since we have a home network there's no need to have many of the things that were considered necessary like an optical drive.

The old machine is in the bedroom and will be used for storage and video processing.
The games I like playing tend to be old so lack of grunt in this quiet new baby shouldn't be a problem.


A fair challenge.

This arrived today and even though a mere 44 pieces it presents a reasonable test to assemble.
but Grace has to get expensive toys sometimes.