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Days like today remind of why I'm on the pension, I did a service job on Peter's mower where the big job was changing a tyre that didn't hold air, I couldn't even change it over to the new tyre he brought over without seriously running out of puff and having to lie down for a couple of hours to recover, I could barely walk and I'm surprised I made it up the stairs. At least when I do nothing I look as healthy as the next bloke.
Here I am a couple of hours later finding I have to remove the valve core, which may have been the problem all along, D'OH! Of course the bead didn't like the idea of seating after fitting so once again had to use the spoonful of petrol and a blowtorch method, for those who think I'm crazy it really does work.
Showing off my old man see through hair look.


A few street images around Philippines.

The Magapit bridge is a wonderful suspension bridge in Northern Luzon but I'd be concerned about this broken link in the middle of it.
Canadians may love this tricycle which shows how useful they can be for hauling things, there's six on the outside of the sidecar, three on the bike, and we have to guess how many inside the sidecar, if it's four then that'd make 13, lucky for some.
I've seen dogs wandering the street in nearly every street view shot I've seen but this must uniquely be the only dog in the whole country that's chained.
 Sprung! you know your lucks out when you sneak outside in a very quiet neighbourhood and a Google camera car drives past.
This is a real mystery at Malabog, the high fence would ensure even the locals would have little idea but I'm very curious as to what's going on here. Brother-in-law Tonio's Jeepney runs between Malabog and Legazpi City so I must get Olivia to see if she can ask him.


Bleak trip.

We had to drive to Cairns on Friday to pick up one of Olivia's local friends from the airport, I'd been worrying about flooding for a few days prior but things seemed OK, weather like this on the way meant I only took a few photos, as well as doing the trip pretty well non-stop due to a continuing concern about road closures.
This filling station just south of Innisfail did however give me something to smile about, I liked the price so much I filled here on both legs.

You've got to be quick to catch Cowboys.

I saw these mugs on display the other day, it must have been fresh stock as there was still a Cowboys mug available. Not being lovely light plastic I left it there only to see it again at the checkout with the customer in front of us.
A couple of days later all trace of Cowboys merchandise has disappeared, this is the normal situation here, I imagine local store managers have run out of puff trying to drop a hint to southern distributors that if they just sent Cowboys trinkets they'd probably sell much more of their stuff.


Frog on a rail.

I saw this cute little frog on the handrail on our front landing tonight after our beloved Cowboys were thrashed. The wet weather has brought them to life for a while.

A lovely Orchid I didn't know we had.

Olivia told me about this Orchid growing on our Mango tree, I must get out more as I never knew about it.
I haven't been posting much of late and blame the weather, we've had over 600 mm of rain so far in March, surprisingly without us going under water....yet.


Ingham has been home to thousands of bats for a few years, happily they stay away from our end of town, today during a break in the rain I had a little wander about our semi-neglected botanic garden and found where many of the noisy little blighters are staying.
A flower shot from near under the bat trees, I didn't stay any longer due to millions of lassa virus carrying mosquitoes discovering me.


Snake skin.

Olivia saw this the other day, she's not overly pleased about it but as far as I care this place is a snake refuge. I haven't seen any rats around here for ages and I know which I prefer.