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Good teeth.

Being a boy I couldn't help myself.
It looks a bit like Mt Mayon in the background.

This time it should be fixed.

Cubby's right rear door window motor has been a problem since I bought it, more often not working than working on the rare occasions I've tried it. Only a few months ago I dismantled most of the door trying to figure it out but as per usual it had a mind of it's own and started functioning normally before I had any need to strip the motor.
This time though I knew what short cuts to take to access the motor, so tackled it as the villain, correctly I think too as it had a layer of corrosion on the iron bits that I think arranged itself into a formation causing it to jam way too often.
I gave it a clean and whacked a bit of fresh grease on the bits that like that sort of thing, bolted it back together and even replaced the zip tie that I had to cut to dismantle it. The whole job was fairly quick and not having to spend real money has left me in a good mood.


Patched up but not for long.

I've ordered a new muffler locally so this little bodge may ease my mind until then.

Very pretty.

This orchid that Olivia bought at the recent flower show has bloomed. So have a lot of other things, Olivia is very buoyant about that.

A spring spruce up.

This old chair was in Olivia's sights for prettying up, so we stripped the cushions off it and sorted its chassis out a bit.
Here I reattach a spring that had broken.
Here I show off my baldish head, if you take the statin drug Lipitor and you find your hair thinning then if you find that undesirable have a word with your medico, in my case the other side effects stopped my taking it. Inspecting the sliding rail here.
Olivia painted the chair, even spraying some fresh black on the metal bits that aren't seen in service.
Done, ready for more use.


This is going to cost.

The black spot is a hole in Cubby's exhaust pipe, it didn't sound right when I started it yesterday so I had a look today, bugger, also the muffler appears ready to fall apart so action to remedy the problem is required to stop it sounding like most other vehicles in town, albeit still quieter at this stage.


Our Dendrobium Discolor has finally bloomed.

At last after budding some time ago our orchid has decided it's warm enough to show us a bit of flower.


Another life prolonged.

The old microwave oven looked too good to junk without attempting a repair, since magnetron's are much the same as old style vacuum tubes they should be pretty hardy when things go pear shaped, and the sparking seemed to show it was still operating, so I ordered some new little tin cans shown here that they call antennas as well as mica sheets that I cut to size as the old mica waveguide cover had burnt.
End result is it works like a charm but be warned the magnetron runs on voltages that are very high ~4000 Volts, this can be quite fatal and shorting out the capacitor that feeds it before doing anything is advised, though waiting a while should suffice as they do have a shorting resistor to slowly drop the stored energy in the capacitor.
The other life prolonged recently is mine, good or bad.


Home again.

I've been a bit slow of late as I had a little time in hospital, it wasn't planned but still managed to ruin a few days.
The arm bruises are only from the specified blunt needles used for draining blood, I'm not actually a drug addict.
I can now understand if I hear of people dying from a stomach ulcer, mine was intestine and you just don't know you're bleeding, even after you pass out.