Day 6, Train and Ferry to Manly

This day will be the highlight of our trip, and we made a nice early start to it catching a train at Vineyard while it was still pre-dawn. The station is unmanned and only has a single track, the blue post gave us a chance to swipe our OPAL cards for the first time.
Central Station looked about the same as always but we only had to walk 9 metres to cross the platform to change trains.
Olivia's first view of the Sydney harbour goodies, from Circular Quay. The ferry in the background is the Narrabeen which we took to Manly.
Olivia on the ferry, I hadn't noticed the window reflections when I took the shot.
Olivia again with an iconic bridge in the background.
Rather a nice photo of Jimby so I'll shamelessly post it.
The mast from the first HMAS Sydney (not the one that sunk with all hands) at Bradleys Head, my original plan for the trip included a visit there but that was ruined when I discovered they charged like a wounded bull to access it now, it was free 20 years ago when I'd visited it.
Olivia with the heads in the background.


  1. Good series of pics, Jimmy. I'm enjoying your trip almost as much as you. Keep up the good photos.

  2. Thanks Jerry, the trip is done but I've a bit more posting of it to do yet.