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Probably as good as it gets.

Tomorrow if the stars align right then I expect to start eating at least half decently again, but it's nice to see a mid-teenage number again.

I stopped losing weight for a while after the last post despite not eating, strange? but the body must have been a bit full of toxins and my dark pee since then must have flushed them out, my mind wandering while that was happening was a bit of fun though.
Then I felt a bit better and lost a bit more weight.

Maybe my pancreas has given up the ghost, the doc can find out next visit.


Confession: I'm a drug addict.

I've been fearing seeing the doctor as well as the pharmacist of late so I thought I'd see if I could survive albeit painfully without the pills prescribed.
That was a major mistake, after about a week I had the worst angina attack I've ever had, 25 hours of agony. I'm still as weak as a kitten and have learnt my lesson, if it was any worse I would have even risked my life going to hospital, but knowing they don't like me kept me from going there.

Age does weary and what I could and did do 15 years ago is no longer possible, now I have to gather the courage to see the doctor again, as well as hide in the corner of the pharmacy while all of the important people get served.

These are my main pills, I also take a couple more that are more to do with quality of life than required for it.
And no I haven't been on the booze much for a long time.


Doing all right.

These red flowers sprout up about this time every year, maybe they signal spring or something. Anyway it appears a few more of them show up every year so something must be pleasing them

Overpriced but fantastic.

Finally the people near us have safe pedestrian access to town, no need to share a narrow road bridge with trucks any more.

The council milked way too much money from the taxpayer to do it but at least a much needed job is done.


Usual D'OH!

I had no sooner finished Artie's steering rack makeover when I merely tapped my new tool trolley parking Artie and the castor wheel collapsed. You get so used to things like this happening that it's lost all meaning, anyway I was able to while an hour away this morning fixing it, my time isn't worth anything so repair is viable, it'd be junk for anyone else.



I ordered a replacement bearing for Artie's steering rack as soon as I bought it, I had correct info that it took a common 6202 bearing and by the feeling and look of the rack it must have been stuffed.

It took ages for the $3.50 bearing to arrive from China but the rack was a bit of a horror story upon removal, running a muddy rust mixture caused by water ingress, and yes the old bearing was stuffed.

Artie by rights should get a new rack but I think it may be right till I retire him to the graveyard now.

I learned not to take shortcuts here, I only created extra work for myself by trying, It really has to be cleaned up and sorted out properly. Now happily the crunchy steering is gone, replaced by a smooth normal action.

Gloomy Tuesday.

At last another wet day and as per schedule "Ergon" the power people switched us off for nearly six hours while they replaced a few old boards carrying the H/T line past our place.
In an example of productivity it took them about four hours to do the half hour job two poles up from our place, all they replaced was the two top boards. The vehicle on the right was a lollypop car which even had one occasion to put a stop sign out, the rest of the time the pair of them were trying to see how many cigarettes they could devour in a day.
Ergon brought up plenty of staff so while they did a few poles that day had a gang for each one plus a continual stream of supervisors driving around smoking and avoiding rain.

At least the massive power bill increases help to pay for it.

Genuine "Goodride"

First I should say that I have renamed Fritz to Artie, in part due to the numberplate which has "RRT" as the letters.

I got a pair of these fairly cheaply on eBay to replace the 12 year old ones on the rear of Artie, even had fun mounting and balancing them. They raise the rear a bit and may draw the ire of our nanny state which manages to have a law against everything, but finding tyres in the correct size for Artie isn't easy and I'm sure I'd only be met locally with a blank stare and a price tag designed to write him off. I think the pair cost $137 including freight.