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A key, how exciting.

Well not really but the lass who cut it did say there was no way it was going to work unless my lock is seriously borked. It works and Jimmy doesn't care, he just wanted a plain key, plus now has the old one as a spare.
Anyway after that feeble excuse for a post, happy birthday to brother Mega. 7*8 today.


Something happening.

I went into town this morning to get money from the bank and the road was blocked, something must have happened at Lee's Hotel.
Of course Lee's Hotel or the Day Dawn as it was known back then was the place where the bush poem that the iconic song "The Pub with no Beer" was made from was written, due to WW2 beer shortages.
Of course song is the only useful outlet for poetry, bush or any other sort.

Edit: I should have looked a bit closer, It's the Royal Hotel, and the press reports it had a bit of a fire, no reported casualties.
I couldn't smell anything nor see any smoke.


A proper URL again.

Since our new ISP provides fairly generous website space I've moved the webcam to it.


Temporarily at least.

The age old webcam can be found at (type that into your browser's address bar)
I expect to change back to a proper URL soon enough, but this should be OK till then