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A touch of polymorph beads vanity.

My rear teeth have been in ruinous condition lately, a situation not helped by our struggling Queensland health system so I bought a pack of polymorph beads in the hope of being able to do something to ease the pain of eating, the result is I'm as pleased as punch about these magical plastic beads.
After a couple of ordinary trial jobs on my rear teeth, which aren't really a problem as the beads are a low melting point plastic that can simply be popped in hot water and remolded as often as desired, I ended up just capping my broken rear teeth totally with the stuff resulting in being able to eat without have to spend ages picking out food bits from the holes, plus also being able to chug cold drinks without a flood of tears from the pain, another happy side effect is Olivia thinks my breath is less foul than prior to using it. It's nice not having to get up in the middle of the night because of toothache, so bad as my capping may have been, for now I'm very pleased.
Today in this photo I've used them for a cosmetic purpose, covering the stump of the number two tooth that I broke nearly 20 years ago, as well as the missing side of the number one where the recent filling fell out of and the number 3 which had a chunk break off a couple of days ago. None of these caused pain so with a small amount of shame I have to say this is largely cosmetically driven, although the main driver is my inherent urge to be an independent DIY sort of person, all the while learning.


Getting into the mood now.

We went to Townsville today so Olivia could be checked at the hospital upon our return we stopped at Coles to buy a few things and Olivia said G'day to Santa, I think we'll see a fair bit of Santa over the next month.
The downside of today's trip was once again suffering nasty hip pain from a not terribly extended drive, it's something I'm going to have to deal with or just stop driving. I'll try changing the seat angle first and hope it doesn't aggravate a coccyx injury I copped 35 years ago, dunno why my hip is playing up as I find the seat quite comfortable otherwise, the pills I take for what seems like every disease known to man are of course the reason for joint pain but I just have to work around that.


Dunno about this.

In the interest of family harmony, or keeping the Memsahib happy I've been going with Olivia to the Community Support group's Friday meetings, and I suppose I'll continue doing it.
At least today's health promotion was fairly quick, harmless and meaningless. I would have asked today's speaker who as part of his taxpayer funded business dabbles in diet if there's a good food for eyesight that doesn't require teeth, but the opportunity never arose.
In my view the whole set up is aimed towards attracting taxpayer funding but it does serve the purpose of giving some of the less able amongst us a chance to socialise.
I much prefer the usual commercial bingo cards to these but I sense these are printed out of absolute order to provide a bit of mind exercise.
BTW the first emptyish card here was merely for a line, and the third card suffered from waiting an eternity for the 61 that was never called, but I wouldn't have BINGOed anyway if it had, no need to spoil someone else's day for the non-prize that was on offer.


This actually fixed it.

The tablet I'd bought fairly recently to use as a map based GPS in Daisy has had a screen glitch that pretty well renders it useless, so being a sort of hopeless loser that will have a go at fixing near anything I thought I'd try something simple.
I decided to try simply removing and replacing the screen's ribbon cable, the one at lower left here, as well as the upper left one which I think may control the touchscreen, then the real surprise came when I started it up again and the picture was lovely and clear.
Of course something bad had to happen as well, as I'd left the TF card in place that I'd put back in to reboot and destroyed it when I clipped the case back together afterwards, bending it, bugger.


Olivia in her element.

Olivia bought a photo at a garage sale on Saturday and today gave it her Olivia touch.
From this.
To this.
I like having a crafty wife.


A bit early.

It's early but Olivia has been busy adding a festive feel to our place.
She's happy and it's nice so we'll just enjoy things.

I match a superstar today.

Today the 16th November my lifespan matches a real celebrity superstar who happens to share my birthday, Clark Gable, who not so coincidentally died on the 16th November back in 1960.
People think I'm macabre noting those who I outlive but it's far more interesting than the alternative.
Only a couple of days ago I outlasted Scottish singing legend Andy Stewart of "A Scottish Soldier" fame, a big hit in these parts back in 1961 or so.
I have poor health yet have outlasted a growing list of celebrities, but then I don't smoke.



I noticed this early this morning, Olivia has done well.



While Olivia was checking out the markets this morning that were hidden in the background here, I checked out the memorial. 98 years on Remembrance Day appears a victim of grandfather time, I can see a fair case for honouring the next two years and then using the centenary to quietly move all to ANZAC Day which has been our main memorial day, complete with public holiday for as long as any Australian remembers.
 These were just a very small group of bats close to the memorial at our botanic gardens, thousands more have made their home in trees in the gardens and have resulted in access being roped off to the public, they really have become a local issue.


Happy Birthday Brother.

Slightly early for the 9th.
Another photo from my archive of Mega, this time from back of the Marlo pub at the end of 1981.
Mega's in front showing off his watch and fancy dark coloured specs. I'm in the rear having a relaxing time which was aided by the usual pouring of beer down my throat. Mick Mac was between us.
From memory the Moon and Venus were very closely aligned that evening so it would be about the 29th December according to the Planetarium extension for Chrome browser.