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Day 4, to Bathurst we go.

Coonamble was pleasantly empty so we stretched our legs, like many country towns it suffers from the seemingly ego driven reverse parking, but because it's more logical as well as being easier our superiors can't fathom the concept of changing.
Gulargambone has this wonderfully painted engine in the middle of town.
Gilgandra needs an assessment about this.
Gilgandra also has this wonderful art deco IGA supermarket behind the coo-ee statue.
Wellington has "blink off when exiting" signs on its roundabouts which appears to have resulted in no change to the approximately 0% of NSW drivers who ever indicate when exiting roundabouts (unless they simply turn left) despite the law requiring it.
Olivia looking happy at Molong, there's still a bit of colour in the poplars behind her but we came a bit late in the year. We don't get much seasonal change in Ingham, something that makes these trips an adventure.
After not seeing any price signs for accommodation since the keenly priced Gilgandra my memory cells recalled seeing the Hallows at Bathurst being well priced so I headed there and much to my amazement saw Daisy's twin there, as well as it having QLD number plates, incredible!
This was the view from just outside our door at the Hallows, Mount Panorama is a very well known and loved racetrack, as well as being a public road.
I found it odd that they had fitted the door latch in reverse but then realised since it's public accommodation the law required it, better that merely have to push on a bathroom door to open it than bash it down to retrieve a body.
The Hallows was a very odd but good experience, when we arrived the place was locked solid but had a phone number on the door, this is where Olivia becomes very useful as there's no way I would ever phone, Olivia tried the number but only got an answering service so we felt we'd be better off leaving but as soon as we got to the gate we got a call and after giving a credit card number we got a code that enabled us to obtain a security card that gave us entry. Our unit was good and we never had any human contact but our mood was very good after getting a room.

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