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Buchan caves reserve 1981.

I'm obscured here and am wearing the yellow shirt, I liked colour even back then.

Another location mystery.

Another mystery for mega. I'm curious to see what this part of the planet looks like now but it's too vague for me to think of the location. Things of note are it's bitterly cold, I think Count is on the left with what I think is his Triumph, it seems the rainbow machine is having a run but I don't think it's too far from Sydney, perhaps Blue Mountains?


Mystery location.

My Dad's visit brought some old photos that I have scanned, this one made me curious, it seems to show brother Mega doing a fairly normal operation that boys in their prime do, but I'm curious as to where it is, with luck it may spur Mega's memory.


89 years ago today.

My grandparents were married. The marriage ran out of puff after only 70 years though but it was still a good run.
There may have been a fee for smiling in those days as my granddad was the only one game to give it a go.


Faded flowers.

I noticed Grace's flowers had faded a bit too much for my taste when I visited a few days ago, this spurred me to advance my plan to replace them on her birthday.
Happily for us we had a surprise visit from my Dad. so I dragged him dawn to Grace's grave and he took these photos after much prodding from me.
I should rethink my schedule after this.


It's beginning to look a lot like xmas.

The last two for me have been sad non-events but Olivia has brightened up the house, and myself.
Xmas can be a quite rotten time for some people, everything is shut thanks to a colonial age government, and there's no sport played, so for a few men with no family who never have the wish to cook it's not a time for cheer.

Pointless widened ditch

Plenty of  money was poured into expanding the drain across the road from us, pity it'll be a total waste unless they clear the Herbert river, although it's possible they may have done some work on it secretly. When we flood it's water backing up from the Herbert  that causes our angst, this drain has always been a non-issue.

Tripod spider.

I felt sorry for this poor bugger but I did the same to it as I do to every other spider I see, I left it alone.


A power line perhaps.

This morning we heard sirens aplenty, but that's not uncommon, what was unusual was vehicles slowing down outside here, that gave me cause to grab the camera and wander outside for a peek.
Using my eyes I couldn't see anything that was causing such a flurry of activity but when I grabbed the piccies off the card just now it seems to me the problem was a power line dropping. Maybe if we'd lost power it would have been more obvious but we lose power very rarely, far less often even than we get flooding.
BTW I wouldn't fancy the ride in that maroon car, it seems to be following the current fashion for minimal sidewall on tyres, the thing that aids comfort, and in this case perhaps handling too.

Five years ago today since my Nana died.

Only in her later years did I start to know her, this is my last photo, taken a year and a half before she died when she was only 98.
I visited with my Dad Fred but I was so depressed by the nursing home she had moved to that I only took one photo and left. I certainly hope I can avoid these death farms as I age.
When I saw a huge expensive (and probably double normal price due to the way the system works) TV with the an awful picture made worse by not setting the correct aspect ratio (fat heads) I just knew that nobody cares about the cattle in here any more than to give them whatever simple things needed to sustain life, their meals and pills, and hopefully they're far enough from the ambulance for them to be deceased before they arrive.
We seem to pour money into social issues here in a manner like sweeping dirt under a carpet.


Proton Saga/S16 brake pads.

In a curious and experimental mood a week ago I ordered a set of pads meant for another vehicle that according to info about their shape should be fine for Daisy, plus they were less than half the price of the true catalogue pads.
I was right, the new pads are identical to the original pads but are a much prettier blue. What is odd is that the original don't have the screamer tang that the catalogue indicates.
Anyway if budget is important consider this as an alternative, the Bendix catalogue lists the replacement as a DB1748 but I ordered DB1725 which is listed for a Holden Barina TK 2005-2009, or as it really is before a different badge is slapped upon it, a Daewoo Kalos. These pads are far more readily available and less than half the price.
Anyway I hope the new pretty blue Protex pads I installed are nice and gentle on the rotors, harsh performance pads are pointless for gentle drivers like me, we have no need for repeated fade-free operation, that's for the racetrack as our roads are far too heavily policed to bother with spirited driving nowadays.
The only tool needed is a number 14 spanner, a dead simple job that only few percent of people would consider doing in these nanny times.

Mango time.

I picked this mango from our tree yesterday, they're not something I get excited about but Olivia is happy about them.
It looks like the green ants like them too.



I suppose it was inevitable but Daisy now has a cracked windscreen.
I heard a stone hit the other day but didn't see any damage until now, the impact appears to be in the far right of this photo, beneath the resting place of the wiper.
It's times like this that living here has its negatives, if I was in crowded Brisbane a replacement would only cost about $200 and be a simple matter to organise, but for Jimmy who's rather allergic to using a telephone the task in very stressful. For some odd reason businesses here tend to be phone only, they don't even tend to have an email address.
A while back I saw windscreens cost about $20 each from China but they're not something a mere person can order, and plenty of windscreen companies sure take advantage of that.


Spark plug inspection.

Looks fairly clean but that's only to be expected, I was just hoping not to see signs of something amiss, I think I can relax.

Caution required.

I thought I'd climb up on the roof before the day got too hot so I could clear out the grass growing in the guttering, however much to my surprise and dismay the tiny bit of dew still on the roof made it extremely slippery.
Shortly after snapping this shot I had a big whoopsie and the poor camera took yet another tumble bouncing a fair distance along the roof but without sustaining extra damage.
After becoming aware of how slippery the roof was I carried on in a much more cautious manner and actually found it quite a difficult job, and it was very difficult for me to drag my body away from the edge after finishing.