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Crushers scoreboard.

This was erected a few weeks ago so I feel Crushers plan on continuing to use this oval close to me.
Mid season on the the teams moaned about the ground being undersized, this was of course denied by all locals, but I did a quick and simple check and find that it's definitely undersize and the marking must have been laid by someone after too much happy juice. Some markings are a proper 10 metres apart but most others are somewhere from about 8.5 to 10 with no real symmetry or logic applied.
The ground doesn't suffer size constraints like typical pommie grounds do, usually caused by their worship of the false prophet Soccer.
Maybe if we're lucky the markings will grow out in the off season and they'll wander out with a tape that's been made this century to get it right, but they'll have to move the goalposts.

A week till the election.

Finally a few days ago some election posters were raised.
About all I have to yet work out is which polling booth to cast my vote.
I also checked the roll in case Grace was still listed, she wasn't, that saves some explaining but I still felt a bit sad.

Tiny flowers.

These looked pretty near the bottom of our stairs so I snapped a pic.
Only about the size of a little fingernail they were.

EJ Holden.

50 years old and quite rare now, I saw this when visiting my doctor.
These were regarded as a family car back in their day and few moaned about a lack of power back then but its 2.2 litre I6 engine is easily outpowered by the currently available least powerful car the 1 litre Suzuki Alto.
In reality our perceptions of what's needed has been warped into a fantasy world, the speed limits are much the same as 50 years ago and the enforcement is now inescapable, so why do we continue to buy cars that we just can't use the power they make.


PM spotted at Coles.

The Milky Bar Kid is a remarkable facsimile of Kevin Rudd.
With less than a fortnight till the election there's likely to be little time before it loses all relevance.
BTW Grace was not a fan of white chocolate, preferring any other type before it, she was however very fond of peppermint.


Jim's Ginger Beer.

Always an eye for saving money I now have a stock of ultra cheap Ginger Beer.
I have a 10 litre brewer that was a pain for doing beer but is superb for making Ginger pop.
All I do is chuck in a packet of crushed ginger powder, a kilo of raw sugar (better colour) fill with water, add some bread yeast, wait about 3 days and bottle, putting a teaspoon of sugar in to prime the bottle. Makes 8 1.25 litre bottles that can be drank after a few days. Add things to experiment, a squirt of lemon juice may help.
The ginger gives the mouth a taste that allows you to drink a few, much as bitter hops help beer.
Now Jimmy sleeps better at night as well as easing his budget.
It's also one of the few fun things you can do here that isn't against our draconian laws, though if I tried to sell it I suppose I'd be facing consecutive life sentences.
The red colour was a boo-boo, I wanted a pink colour and popped in a few drops of red food colouring, result deep red, who would of thought?

Missed out.

I would have grabbed one if there was a Cowboys one left but as always only the less popular teams are reduced, including the team I think will get the wooden spoon, and it's not the favourite on the right.
To make sense of that think back to the Bulldogs a few years ago, penthouse to cellar in one week.

Fancy but ordinary.

My eyes are attuned to spotting things at a sharp price.
As far as my (lack of) taste buds can tell, the stuff that comes out of a tin tastes better, but without reductions like these I'd never get to find out.



Nothing fancy about the photo but I like carrying a camera with a fairly meaty zoom when I'm sightseeing, I knew turtles like the lower part of these branches but had to get home and check the results before seeing them.
Quite healthy numbers by the look of it.


Sewing Jimmy.

I made myself busy sewing a hem for new house shorts today, the sad thing is having to buy tracksuit pants and having to cut the legs off because suitable shorts can't be found, at least frugal Grace made a plastic bag holder out of one of the legs cut from a previous pair a while back. The current fashion for shorts styled like a century ago simply don't suit me, I have legs like Gunner Sugden and the cuffs of those shorts drag on the ground, seriously I have no legs, I've used bicycle size calculators and they don't go down to my leg length (for my height at least) minimum leg 75 cm, my leg 73 cm.
The incandescent lamp on the machine may be a very awkward one to replace with an LED one, I'll wait a bit on this one.

Cubby's brother.

I took this shot on my first wander along the streets of Legazpi when I had that wonderful trip to Philippines, now I just notice my car in a different shade on the left, wish I'd noticed it live as I would have made a nuisance of myself.
I suppose even if it's the only LaVita/Matrix in all Philippines there's still more of them than Holdens or Ford Falcons.


Plenty of positives about this.

Sure they're way too expensive for me to consider but having trade agreements continue to make the world smaller. If anything it's a two way street that should have advantages for us.

Philippine style.

Olive might like these, we just wish immigration will look at our application sometime and allow her here so we can be together.


Simple clothes line fix.

The tensioner thingy had failed due to years in the sun and I was concerned about it being a difficult fix.
After drilling out the rivet holding it in, my simple mind decided and old nail shall do the job.

It was cheap, but what do I do with it.

It seemed a good price, after wondering for a bit what to do with it I made fritters.
They tasted all right but wanted a magic ingredient I didn't have, maybe as simple as onion.
 This was probably a better buy, cheaper even than the generic ones and tasted at least as good.
I think I must have inherited the hunt a good price gene from my mother.


Not cola.

My budget has become very tight these days so I brewed up some Ginger Beer. Easy to make and ultra cheap, $1.30 for a lump of ginger that I grated, a dollars worth of sugar, and a bit of bread yeast. I have a brewing vessel already, so really it made eight bottles for about $2.50, and I'm smiling before hitting the bottom of the first one, despite it not having the fancy taste of store bought (and taxed) stuff, however it's cold and fizzy, good enough.

Red white and green.

It must be Italian festival time, sadly it's now priced beyond what I'm comfortable with, but it's nice to see Coles getting into the spirit, though Italian doughnuts could just as easily be in their blue sporting colour.
It's winter now so one of the girls outside where they were preparing for the festival was wearing long pants for warmth.


A sign of spring approaching.

The orchid looking plants in the yard are beginning to bloom.
For some reason these love a camera because they always look far better in photos than they do in real life.

This might scare my Olive.

I saw these on sale at Coles the other day.
Olive had just paid P2.5 each for full kernels at her place in Philippines, or about 15 to the dollar at a simple exchange rate, the truncated ones here have a price that might scare a bit, but we have plenty of stuff that's fairly equivalent in price.