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These new specs don't do much to help me see things, it seems all they do is make me look like a nerd. The truth can be painful.

The sore on my cheek is what they call Bowen's disease, a bit annoying but nothing to lose sleep over, it must have been there for over a decade.


The toes.

Still sore but much better.

Ready for rain.

Today's little job is a Jimmybuilt gutter so we can avoid the water that pours off the awning over the front stairs when it rains.

A bit of PVC pipe, ripsaw a slot along it and use a bit of wire to hold it in place, now we wait for rain to see if it's effective, but we'll gladly wait as long as it takes for that, we've had quite enough rain so far this year.


Mother's day.

And we have two of them here this weekend. Lovely of Rhonda to come up and see Grace, I picked a good time to kill my foot.
Grace scored her lovely new dress from Rhonda, and even got something done to her hair but that's women's stuff and Jimmy wouldn't understand anything about hair.

The foot.

I think Rhonda's care has helped Jimmy's toes, they just look a bit black rather than ready to fall off, which they would have looked if Jimmy had followed his usual do nothing routine.


Painful progress.

The doors are fitted but I'll finish the job when I can hobble a bit easier again.
The recalcitrant one lurks in the background, hopefully in a peaceful mood now.
The end result should make life easier for the air conditioner and already appear to have reduced noise from outside.

The gore today.

Soon be better.


Real ouch.

You can't see them but I was working on a door tonight and dropped it on the two end toes, owie, owie, owie. Squashed them good, blood everywhere and genuine pain, I must have cried and I think I may have wet myself too.
Luckily our Rhonda flew up today to see her mother (my Grace) over Mother's day weekend, so she bravely faced up to the challenge of disinfecting and tying it up.
Hopefully they'll be fine tomorrow.
I was screwing a roller on the top of a new door I'm putting in and it fell off the seat it was resting on, luckily my toes broke its fall, sacrificing themselves for the sake of the door, damn fools.


These things must be aimed at the same crowd P.T. Barnum sold tickets to.
It even labels it for the hard to comprehend real cost as $9.06 per litre yet it must still sell. The lure of a glass bottle is fortunately meaningless to me.


Towbars can be very handy.

I heard a fearful crunch this morning when shopping for beer, happily as usual I had my pocket camera on hand and took a shot of the Camry backing up for another attack on the 4wd but he missed the 2nd time.
The towbar appears to have marked the Camry's bumper on the LHS in a minor fashion but there's likely some underlying damage.

The driver was a bit elderly so may not have even realised it happened, so didn't bother inspecting the damage, plus as a bonus provided some entertainment for us waiting for the bottle shop to open.