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A sign of spring.

This orchid looking plant on a tree in the yard has decided to do a bit of flowering.
Most welcome, hopefully I can get a good shot later if the blue sky can last.


Not much headroom under the house so this short aerial appears a good choice.


I like flat pack furniture and this shelf unit was about the easiest thing we've done yet.


Cabin pollen filter.

Believe it or not the black ruin was much filthier than this before I cleaned it, shortly after acquiring Cubby. Since Cubby has a service record I'm guessing it's an item that's totally neglected by service people.
I can't help but think that with cars now so reliable and with so few things to service and adjust that many dealerships do nothing more than change the oil, plug in the ODB checker to see if there's any codes on the computer, then check the brakes for wear in the hope that they can do a profit boosting and unnecessary machining of the discs.


Warm at last.

I've been sitting and browsing some sites and watching a replay of last night's football (In HD rather than the blurry slop free TV dishes up on Friday nights) and realised I was warm. A quick glance at the gauge on the room clock confirms it. It won't be long before we crank the A/C back on.

Golly it's been a cold long winter.


Avoiding trouble.

The usual overcautious Jimmy grabbed a spare starter motor when he bought Cubby. With 200k km on the clock as well as being an automatic Jimmy hates the idea of a failure (yes it's happened on trips before), on inspection the starter grabbed from a wrecker was pert near as good as new so I just swapped it for the old one. The job took way longer than it should have but I didn't have an extra set of hands, or even arms that work in a decent manner.

The old one had a fair amount of brush wear but rather than give it a spruce up I'll just stick it on the shelf, just in case.
Judging by the crud I'm going to have to look a bit harder for that oil leak.


Card player installed.

True to my word I've installed some decade old technology into Cubby.
I'd been using this unit in Artie but reinstalled the superior but woefully obsolete stock cassette unit when I traded it for Cubby.
CD players are also way out of date now and I shudder whenever I hear of stacker units, way easier just to copy mp3 files onto a card.
I suppose I'll refit the original and better unit when I sell Cubby, but I haven't been bothered with CDs for years.


New car, new GPS mounts.

The temporary mount I used when driving Cubby home wasn't suitable due to reflections on the windscreen, so Jimmy had to think out a new way to mount them. Some plumbing fittings work fine for a wedge into the CD pocket, and a bit of otherwise scrap makes a fine mount for the right side of the dashboard.

I use both a map based and street based GPS when travelling and they can both be very useful, unlike car CD players. I think I shall shortly whip the CD player out of Cubby and whack a card player in its place.


Oh dear.

My old workmate Al and his wife Robyn are visiting from Lithgow, sadly his concentration dipped for a moment and he collided with the hose hanger in our backyard.
Jimmy did a quick touch up to the bare metal so the rust may be delayed a bit but it's always sad when a new(ish) car gets harmed.

I'm not going to worry about the damage to the hose thingy.


Finally spring must be coming.

It looks like we've had a snake here who was jumping out of his skin hoping.

Blue sky at last.

This little white girl was enjoying a swing high up in the sun.
Don't tell the safety nannies though.