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Today's toy.

Took a bit of effort to put this together, and it arrived a bit late to get me in the mood for the Tour de France pushbike race, since it's nearly over now, but when the riders reach Paris it'll oversee it.

I'm cheering for Voeckler, he was busy riding while the fancied riders were outdoing themselves with tactics.
If he does finally fail there's a fair chance that Aussie product Cadel Evans may score, so it isn't all bad.
Grace and I have watched all the le tour so far, it does rather ruin body clocks.

Yeah right.

Three Holden's all in a row. The white one is an old light car class Barina, the grey one is a full size class newist Commodore, the red one is a new light car class Barina I spied in the Coles car park the other day.
Does anybody think like me that it's odd for a light class car (though I think this may be marketed as a small class now) to be bigger than the full sized class?
We can be a bent lot of people in Australia, I think our love affair with rear wheel drive is a millstone.
I'm not picking on Holden here either as my Ford is in the very same boat.

At last.

This broke out of my mouth last night, it used to be a third molar "wisdom" (yeah right?) tooth.
It won't be causing Jimmy any more trouble but its multitude of roots will probably continue the angst.

At least the dental waiting list here is long enough now to achieve some budget savings, with teeth like this unable to see the time out, I think it's eight years for me now but it could be closer to a decade (or longer), though I must confess to bucking the system by calling upon their quick pain removal emergency quick fixem service a couple of times, but have since planned on riding out the pain to get a better service done on the few that remain.


They're finally building the pedestrian bridge over Log Creek so residents in this end of town can have safe access to the shops.
It was put in the State budget for last financial year but I'm truly surprised to see it actually being done at all, albeit a touch late. Yippee.


I'm glad these were parked.

Aeroplanes around Ingham all tend to take advantage of the total lack of noise regulations for them, I'm sure because agricultural planes are exempt from noise rules the owners go to the trouble of fitting loudeners to them.

Definitely not looking forward to the air show here in September especially with us close to the airport and there always being a plane crash. Never mind that the noise will spike my blood pressure through the roof.

The Red Baron wannabe here is cute though.

Nearly affordable.

You could even call it reasonably priced.


Nearly 10:30 and still empty, I believe the crowd arrives at 18:00 for a busy night, then tomorrow it gets empty again at about 15:00.


With so many I'm doubtful anyone will enjoy this, at least I know I don't qualify for a ride.


I couldn't quite get back far enough to find the right angle for this.
However it's a very impressive bit of work, all seemingly winding out of a trailer.

Some things don't change.

Like the carnies all smoking in a wallet thinning manner.

Mmmmm cakes.

Pity some moron got his legs reflected in the shot.


Sorry Toobanna but it would have been a bit nicer if there was some variation in open hands posters, even the altered photos are all the same.


Part of the Forrest Beach school exhibit which overall I rated the best of the school displays, but not due to the excellence of writing but more for a bit of individuality, with way too much cloning on other displays.

You may get dizzy trying to track the grammar errors here but it still manages to have charm.


I think the judges picked the right photo this year for champion. I'm used to seeing them award a gloomy swamp photo but this is vastly more cheerful.

Ingham Show.

I went this morning and have to say it's struggling. Years ago the cane display was packed, now it's like a few scrawny weeds.

I used to love the clowns when I was a nipper at least they still look good but there were no Stewie Griffin's or Elmo's in my youth.

Jimmy has a robot.

A proper wind-up tinplate one too.