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Shocking photo.

All reflection but I spotted this upon the entry to Coles this morning.
I can't see how our State government rules that are a clear restriction to trade could stand up to any sort of legal challenge, they allow quasi-independent supermarkets who sell the same items to operate, yet the major chain stores are expected to have their perishable food sit happily on the shelf behind closed doors due to trade restrictions.
The tourists who travel through the area must be just as astounded.


Looking, looking.

No sign of our Bec among the crowd, sorry if we missed you waving Bec.
Grace is enjoying watching the wedding tonight, and I'm lapping up the scenery in High Definition. Bec only lives 5km away these days so we suppose she's out there somewhere.


New firmware.

Samsung released new firmware for the NX100 camera the other day, it adds an in camera panorama mode. I gave it a test when I was on the roof.

Not bad for a quick try, be warned it's a fairly big download though, near a meg.

The roof is done.

It took two blokes two full days work but it's once again solid and water resistant.
They were top blokes too and deserve a bit of praise for a job well done, maybe with the excessive charge the company sprung on the insurance they can share a bit of the spoils with them.

Pity they forgot to undo the corner of the tarp that was tied on for so long but Jimmy unscrewed it and filled the hole with (of all things) some heatsink cement he had lying around, I hope it's waterproof. Dunno why some genius screwed it into the valley of the corrugated iron, maybe because he didn't like us? It's the black thing at the bottom of the picture.


Nearly a roof again.

A great little crew started work on our cyclone damaged roof yesterday, things are looking much better already.



Since we're not big on throwing things away I used a chunk of the broken deck board to mount a camera downstairs so Grace can keep her eye on me when I play down there.

Refresh the deck.

Finally I got around to replacing the board near the clothes line today, I'll do a few more yet but I find it fairly hard work now, the years do condemn those who grow older.

The white bit of scrap packing I used to kneel on, knees don't take kindly to anything as they age.



Jimmy found a cheap way to tart up the aftermarket wheelcovers.


A little job.

I've been meaning to turn the rail near the hoist into a removable rail for ages, and at last I did the job today, it turned out better than expected too, very tight and sturdy but I suspect it'll ride up with wear.

We've both become more hermit like than ever now, Grace doesn't go out period, and after the cyclone, four floods and a dog bite, I've retreated into my shell and I'm as nervous as hell about the roof repair that may happen next week, plus I'm sick of having to do tasks for the neighbour who is seemingly incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time. Maybe I should turn into a bad neighbour and tell everyone to go away.