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A 2nd anniversary photo.

This shot shows I missed a clump of hair on my last trim, bugger.

Two years ago.

Today is Olivia and Jimmy's 2nd wedding anniversary, two years ago this was our wedding certificate being typed out ready for us to sign after the ceremony.
Typewriters haven't been seen in these parts for a generation but I found plenty of unusual things on my trip to Philippines.


A change is happening.

Our busily painted wall is becoming a plain painted wall, time for a change, no regrets.
Jimmy has been volunteered to paint the upper need a ladder sections.


Venus, Moon, and Jupiter.

They were fairly close so I had to have a crack at them, but really they need to be closer together to make it worthwhile.
I realize too after taking a few shots that my favourite all rounder the Olympus SZ-16 that I use so much is not suited to astro photography, and I'll have to hatch another plan for taking sky shots.
Taking plenty of time to do well is also not a real option due to dusk inviting swarms of mosquitoes to drain my anaemic body even further.


As expected.

Another lesson along the path of life.


Two years ago today this was lovely.

I loved the few Philippines beers that I had when I was over there but I think my insides will need an operation if I'm to enjoy them again. I haven't had a beer now since a few I had last Xmas when my Dad visited and unless I have another turn such as put me into hospital last August my condition would be thought of as inoperable. Tough choice, drink and bleed, or live.
All Philippines beers are superb and worth an adventure for those with sense enough to venture beyond Manila.

New lavatory, nearly finished.

Our council's expensive new folly appears nearly done and it should please the fussy folk in our community, at least until the gloss of having something new wears off.
I see it as inferior to the old one and just another monument to our current waste generation who are very good at spending other people's money and never auditing the cost.


Black shoes.

Olivia had white shoes but desired black ones, thanks to a spray of paint her shoes are now black, Jimmy has grave doubts about the suitability of this method but at least for now there's an air of happiness.


A very welcome surprise.

I turned into our driveway the other day and noticed Daisy didn't feel like she'd driven over a loading dock, somehow I'd missed seeing the verge of the road being filled recently.
Somebody important must have contacted the council about it and thus had a gang come out and help a few of us, well done.


Spot the ball.

There's some sort of open day in Hinchinbrook shire today, the cricket event had my interest so I wandered outside to check it out, but instead of one game there were four being played, and when I got close enough to get some photos all the games must have ended as all the players had walked off, thus ending my enthusiasm.
We'll drive out later to see if we can get some interest in other happenings.

Worn out.

They black thing they call a pipe cone on the back of our lavatory has perished into failure which has meant a bit of leakage.
The new one shown behind it only cost $3 but due to punitive laws here (that probably don't affect this case) that would likely astound people who live in free countries lets just say a plumber came to fit it.