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More day 2.

After Injune we stopped at Roma to eat and fill up Daisy, Olivia wanted KFC but we wasted time due to it being before opening time, then we went to McDonalds which I feel was a big mistake as I couldn't make any sense of their menu, Roma must have climbed a few rungs of the social ladder and I just wanted to leave straight away but Olivia stuck it out and ordered a bit of their overpriced food, but the experience had both of us in a foul mood for too long. Happily Roma for about the first time in History had fuel priced lower than surrounding places, must cheaper than the profiteering Emerald.
Onward to Surat and another comfort stop at the pleasant Surat, a town which does a fine job of respecting the veterans.
This tree was from a seed from the lone pine at Gallipoli.
The sky was still grey, pity we couldn't swap it for the return trip when we faced north into the sun.
Here I am embracing my becoming a senior by wearing an appropriate hat whilst driving, this style gives me a Frank Sinatra look, pity that it doesn't help my voice or perhaps more importantly in Sinatra's case my diction.
Dirranbandi is also on a river's edge like I suppose most country towns, here an exercise machine adds a bit of colour to a bland scene. The fuel was also reasonably priced at Dirranbandi.

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