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Olivia put many hours into this.

A lot of sewing time was spent crafting this thingy, it's something my Mother had started and put a lot of effort into creating, then passed it onto Olivia at our last visit to continue its creation. It looks like the effort has been rewarded and we shall return it to my Mother when we see them again on a trip we're leaving tomorrow to do.
Olivia should also see Sydney this trip, something that has been on her bucket list of places to see.


Maybe we're not forgotten.

We saw the NBN node 300 metres away from us being worked on today, we'd almost given up hope of ever being connected to it as the node has been sitting alone and unloved for ages. There's still hope for us.


Active this morning.

Olivia picked up a budget wooden thingy via the local trading group on Facebook, an excellent source of bargains and local information snippets.
It's a bit wobbly so here I'm fitting a brace I made from a bit of scrap.
About to fit some casters here, do I have two chins or none?
A fancier job than normal, I measured the mounting point for the casters before fitting them. The drill I rescued a few months ago after I had virtually abandoned it due to its poor operation, the problem was a bad carbon brush which a new one fixed.
One of the screws was a bit loose so here I seek the right torx fitting to tighten it, lucky Jimby grabbed the right one first pick too.
Already I see an issue, it's going to sag with only 4 casters fitted, I shall have to mount a fifth centre one.


A pretty good result.

I had a patch of Bowen's disease cut off my cheek in October 2015 after the Doctor kept badgering me to have it done, the scar is minimal and he was a clever sausage by putting it in one of my natural creases.
Really I'm glad I had it done as it did annoy me fairly frequently, he didn't listen to me when I asked him not to bother sending the flesh away for testing as I considered it pointless, but he sent it and it naturally came back positive for the cancer he sought, but since he'd already chopped it out it was a pointless waste of taxpayer money. It's hard to change habits.
As it was just afterward, I pulled the stitches myself a few days later to try and save the taxpayer a little bit.


Holding to the theme.

Daisy now has a yellow liner on the under dash tray.
I also notice that I haven't clipped the under dash panel back in properly after the last time I had it out.
For those who haven't got it, Daisy is a white car and I've chosen to add yellow highlights, hence Daisy. White is such an ordinary colour (although a quantum leap ahead of the hordes of grey/silver ones that abound on our roads) that it needs a touch of colour added to it to brighten it up.