Day 6, by ferry to Parramatta.

More sightseeing as we took a ferry to Parramatta, quite appropriate that we should get the Marjorie Jackson named after the same who was known as the Lithgow Flash and even won two Olympic gold medals at running back in 1952, Grace and I even lived in the "Jackson Flats" housing commission units named after her for a time when we lived in Lithgow.
A ship at the Maritime museum opposite the Darling Harbour stop.
Going under the Gladesville bridge which still looks modern more than 50 years since it was built.
I noticed that plenty of these pylons were marked as unsafe, with those not marked nearly as bad, a big replacement job would be coming that'll be both expensive and irritating to ferry users.
The weir here marks the end of the trip at Parramatta.
I saw Terminator 2 at this picture theatre when it was released, it's now under repair and I had to hoist the camera up to get a view over the boards.
Nice church at Parramatta.
Queensland Arcade, that sign caught my eye, we weren't the only ones taking pictures either, but our cameras are sneaky little things.

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