Day 6, Manly.

Manly and Olivia takes a photo of me showing off how neat my last haircut worked out. Unusually it seemed a pushbike rider here wears a helmet, I saw plenty of riders whizzing about the Corso and very few wore a helmet, it seems image and peer pressure is everything here.
A nice church, keen eyes may note the lighter coloured sky on the left due to the sun, something to think about with blue sky photos is the best blue is usually 90 degrees from the sun.
The shop name should verify where we were, I also noted there was an abundance of people walking their dogs, which I also couldn't help but think were only fashion accessories.
Some surfers braving the waves in bitterly cold weather, I think they'd be making sure their peers saw them doing it. They get waves here but the barrier reef curtails waves on most of the QLD coast, it also protects it from tsunamis but while a sniff of funding can be gained by instilling fear it's loathe to be admitted.
 The beach gets plenty of walking judging by the footprints, hopefully but unlikely without dogs in tow.
Looks cool from this angle,
and way different from this one.
Irksome to an old fella like me but it's fairly common for people to neglect maintenance.
This chain appears to have never felt the soothing feel of oil since it was fitted.
Nice sky compared to the grey we drove down under.

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