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Olivia paints a photo.

Olivia sat down for a little while this arvo and painted up this effort.
I like it.

Still looking good.

I inspected one of Daisy's spark plugs today, nice.


Australia Day in Ingham.

Olivia and I were tied up with a choir group for our Australia Day ceremony today, happily things went fairly smoothly and I barely embarrassed myself.
Quite an Aussie collection of songs yet oddly "Pub with no Beer" wasn't on our list despite the poem the song is based upon being written here in Ingham.
Olivia gets chummy with Lorna who was one of two new citizens sworn in by our Mayor Rodger Bow on the left here. Later Olivia went to a party at Lorna's place, the Philippines lasses in Ingham are a close and happy group.
The cake that Lorna helped to cut, it was delicious too.
Like many Aussie blokes in my younger days Australia Day was just a day off to enjoy plenty of beer and watch some cricket on the TV until inevitably a stupor set in before the match was over, oddly now I find today has been a far better use of my time, as well as giving something back to the community. I'm rapidly becoming senior citizen Jimmy.


A turnoff.

My towel had a whole tribe of these tiny little ants wandering upon it, must be that fancy shaving cream I wipe off on it (a gift from Olivia) that attracts them.

Parasol then kaput.

Our mushroom became a lovely parasol.
Then expired, awww.



Olivia just noticed she had a mushroom growing in one of her indoor plant pots.

Why I don't park too close to the gutter.

They have a habit of scratching things.
Kangaroos are harder to avoid unfortunately.


A change of flowers.

Grace's birthday is only a fortnight away and now seemed a good time to pop out and give her something fresh. Usually we're flooded at birthday time so I think it best to do things when you have the chance.
Sorry I've been very slow posting of late, for some reason I lack whatever limited energy I used to have, hopefully it's not related to what David Bowie and Alan Rickman had.


This delayed the fan repair too.

Our lavatory had a slight drip before our trip, upon return I rotated the seal a touch in the hope it may reseal decently, naturally quite the reverse happened and a new seal was needed rather urgently but our local hardware stocks them.
The seal is already fitted here and the yellow arrow points to its location, the old worn seal is shown on the right of picture.
It's the sort of job where you feel like washing your hands afterwards.

More repairing.

Olivia won this fan in a raffle just prior to Xmas but we found it was broken when we went to use it the first time. I was plenty busy with trip planning at the time and only today had a go at fixing it, but at least had plenty of time to think about a method.
This shot shows the plastic legs that had broken, replacing them would have been difficult so I'm rather pleased that I managed to think outside the square and simply used a cantilevered block of wood.


A victim of Xmas.

We we returned from our southern sojourn the other day I was disappointed that all the long life milk on Coles shelves had sold out (except for the low fat stuff that nobody wants), probably in the pre-xmas rush to stock up to carry people through the closed days.
This has likely resulted in post xmas stock being slow to sell, which has happily made some well priced stuff available for Jimmy and Olivia to grab. At that price it could even be organic without Jimmy moaning too much.
We have a good cold fridge so the date isn't very meaningful to us.
On the left here is the lovely fruit Olivia bought the other day, being made of wood means Jimmy is happy to leave it on the table without using the fridge word on Olivia.