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I might be wrong.

I said we wouldn't get any flooding this wet season but on the last day of summer the weather bureau has issued a warning that we may get a bit of rain this arvo. The pity is we just can't handle any more  and keep our feet dry.


Up again.

We've had a little bit of rain over the last few days, a bit more and our feet will be wet again.
I suppose if there was someone important living in our area they might make a effort to unclog the stream.

Grey sky, grey cars, but...

The shopping trolleys were out socialising in the car park today.


A bit run down.

I visited our botanical gardens this morning, and despite being neat and well tendered does look a bit sad and run down.
Not many flowers about but I took a poor one of this that I'm only posting because I noticed a spider trying to eke out an existence.

I suppose since the Tyto wetlands opened this lovely little central park is only secondary but seeing the padlock on the lavatory isn't a welcoming sign.


After crushing the can it must have required too much energy to carry it to the rubbish bin, or even take it home and put it in the recycling bin.
Maybe we'd have been better off if we'd let the Japanese invade us in WW2, perhaps we'd know how to think of others instead of just ourselves if that'd happened.


Quiet before the storm.

I've been a fan of parliament broadcasts for near 40 years, more so now that it's on TV but I can't help but think things are going to explode any day now.
We know we have to vote in a State election at the end of March, and the local Government election a few weeks later, I can't help but sense the Federal Government shown here will collapse and have us voting again imminently.



We've been overrun by these tiny things for a fair while now, if the ones in the bed are the same then they're probably Electric Ants, a recent unwanted pest import that are named for the pain inflicted from such a tiny thing. What does confuse me though is ours seem about 2 mm long, while the warning sent out only quotes them as 1.5 mm, perhaps they've grown and thrived at our place.
I notified the whatever department about them a couple of xmases ago but they must have been about to go into hibernation mode for summer as I never got a reply from them.

$17 gone.

Grace put plenty of effort into trying to scratch a winner but we think it's a fail.
If anybody can spot what we can't please let us know.
Sorry Rhonda, no good.


Very cute.
The calendar is from our federal member of parliament.


A big packet arrived today from Rhonda. Grace scored a couple of those dress things women sleep in, lovely.
Some lottery scratchies that were all duds, after a lengthy process of figuring how they work. A box of choccies, and a London fridge magnet.
Handy having our birthdays and anniversary so close together, thanks Rhonda.

Failing already.

A few months ago a lot of time and effort went into patching the road outside the entry to Coles carpark, It involved marking and digging out the area and lollypop people feeling important for days, weeks? telling people how to drive their car. Now holes are appearing again in a very short time. Maybe after all the thousands of dollars they've wasted going to the effort of repairing it, they could have spent a tiny bit more and done the job properly, instead now they'll have to waste thousands more having lollypop people standing around feeling important while they patch it again.


Skippy in our yard.

Sorry about the blurry pic but I spied this in our yard a few minutes ago, they tend to be a bit toey so I took the piccie from behind a window rather than go outside.
The dog next door must be maturing, it used to bark at a blade of grass growing, thus ruining any chance of us attracting wildlife, but it's been fairly quiet of late.

It's probably a female as they seem to be way more clever than the males, plus this one was doing a bit of grooming.



Lovely name and quite a scenic town.
Here's my view of Ronda's part of Rosi's Carmen, the 1984 definitive film version.
Please correct me if I've made an error with any and feel free to advise me of any more.

Rosi's Carmen

An old film favourite of mine, when I saw a blu-ray copy at the right price I grabbed a copy.
Anyway as a frail old man now I love to travel via earth/street google and have a habit of trying to place things I see, sometimes quite difficult due to a lack of clues and Carmen wasn't handing out too many.
Anyway for those with any slight interest like I have a bit of sight seeing can be done via street google about the areas I've marked and changes have certainly happened in the past 28 years.
First up Carmona.


One for Todd and Linda.

You mentioned being a bit excited about this game coming up so we're having a look, though if ESPN as per usual cram many more ads in, the remote control will get another workout.
We like the lack of advertising on the player's outfits, our sport could learn from that.
Neither team has *must* support them colours but white always works well with red, so that'll do.
The blue team is too dark, I suppose a generation ago it was lighter but the latest gloomy generation of designers moved it closer to their desired black, at least it seems all Aussie designers do that, left to them we'd never see colour again.
A photo from were I sit.


Slowly back down.

It must be a day since more than a speck of rain has fallen and Log creek must have dropped a shin length.
There's practically no headwaters here so why can't the level drop a bit quicker, or why haven't the people who make good money telling us what to do done something about it. It used to drain quicker back in the days we didn't flood from a few showers.


Log creek filling.

The little bit of rain we've had has lifted the water level to the bridge.
The problem for the district is water levels rise but they take way too long to go down again, the mouths of the streams are clogged and being myopic all they can think of for a solution is to raise road levels, of course recent governments have spent all the kitty and that isn't going to happen, so NQ and FNQ get cut off whenever we have a bit of rain.

Plus of course another pic just for fun.



This was in a flyer for house siding. I think they could have achieved that much colour variation by changing the colour balance of their camera. Bland is very popular these days.

Jack Spratt.

Grace doesn't like Macadamia nuts but loves Cashews.
Jimmy loves Macadamias but too many Cashews gives him the spews.
This mixture results in a happy couple and an empty packet.
It may surprise many people that the Macadamia is native to Queensland, the only native food that the world regards as palatable, including I suppose Vegemite.


Indian batsman Rohit Sharma is about to be bowled by a good-un by Australia's David Hussey that hurried up on him.
Posting this because the current generation of designers must be too busy smoking something to be thinking.
Australia's national colours are green and yellow, preferably with yellow as the main colour, black should be reserved in international cricket for New Zealand. At least India have a lovely colourful outfit, their designers may still have some talent and ability.
We should be embracing our colours instead of hiding behind a veneer of the seemingly fashionable black.


15 years ago.

At least to mark the occasion Grace scored something that looks a bit like crystal and something that looks like roses.
Jimmy has lost weight since then.
Congratulations to my parents here who made it a double wedding, this time around they've had a better run.

Bit late.

It's February now so this sign I spied this morning looks a bit dated.
Probably easier to wipe it than whack in an extra "L" anyway.