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Day 6, Manly to Circular Quay.

A nice bit of foreshore close to Manly jetty.
Passengers on the fast ferry appear to be sipping chardonnay and looking down on us on the normal ferry. It seems the hydrofoil must have been replaced.
The ICS Allegiance heads out of the heads on its way to Geelong. its home port is Nassau in the Bahamas but somehow I doubt if it's ever been there, mere punters like us would be hauled over the coals if we tried to register our cars conveniently in another state. The sailing boat must be practicing for the next Sydney-Hobart race which sadly can't be viewed in Australia these days due to it being on free TV and them not putting it on their HD channel, I'm afraid blurry SD doesn't cut it any more so my eyes can't be bothered enduring it.
The Narrabeen makes another trip, this time we were aboard the Freshwater.
30 years ago the Centrepoint tower was the highest thing on the Sydney skyline, still is by the look of it, not as much change as Dubai has had.
We pass by Fort Denison, Sydney's version of Alcatraz but it stopped having that purpose way earlier.
Olivia still smiling.
Seaweed grows at Circular Quay and shows how clean the water is now, 40 years ago nobody was brave enough to consider entering the water in any city but now things are vastly cleaner.

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