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3rd Wedding Anniversary.

Olivia and I are 3 years married today,
This shot is us about to tie the knot in the Daraga courthouse.


A new lift point for the mower.

The hook I made a while back wasn't a real success, its positioning wasn't quite right, so today I had a bit of a think and came up with this simple little thing. It's actually holding the mower in the air in this shot but without bending the panel as the hook I put in the hole on the left did.
I wish I could see when I'm welding but this appears good enough even if a bit lumpy.
Raising the mower with the hoist is great for working on the mower and very handy for when we're flooded.


This is going to cost.

This bracket came off our mower today but far worse was to come.
I saw a hole had corroded through the deck and tacked a plate on ready to weld it back to some sort of health, but when I stepped back I saw the underneath was riddled with smaller holes so gave up repairs after welding that adjustment bracket back into place, I didn't even bother with any sort of paint as the whole deck will collapse soon enough.
Now I seek a part number 532192556 at a price that doesn't make buying a new mower a better proposition.


Micro SD must be fragile.

Sadly this 4Gb card of mine is kaput.
It sort of validates my thinking that these cards are best left in place and seldom removed, instead doing file transfers leaving the card in place. I've been doing camera transfers via USB for a fair while now, which is also a reason why I like cameras to be chargeable via USB, something Canon has finally grasped the concept of recently.


It's its.

I saw this at the hospital this morning, since I don't recall ever being taught in my days at school the correct usage of it's or its I'd believe it'd be something rarely taught in Australia, even lovely Grace would tell of never knowing there was even a word its, she and it seems nearly all Aussies only know of it's, which isn't a possessive.
Literacy does appear to be waning in Australia despite massive increases in funding over recent years, there must be a huge black hole somewhere ensuring funding doesn't equal results.


Cowboys on top.

This made a pretty picture on the site after this weekend's round.
Our regional team the Cowboys are on top, and I think it may be the first time they've ever led the competition this far into the season.
Any loss will of course set them tumbling a few spots but it's nice to see, and even the hordes of southern folk who still believe the national competition should only comprise of teams in the Sydney urban area don't begrudge that they have talent.