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At least my day wasn't ruined after I dropped Rhonda off at the Townsville airport, but I'll bet both drivers here wish they hadn't gotten out of bed this morning.


Rhonda bought some flowers for Grace while she was here on the weekend.
If Jimmy wasn't so cheap and mean it might cross his mind sometimes, but don't hold your breath.


A visit.

Rhonda is visiting us this weekend but she was on the other side of the plane so I missed her in this shot of her plane taxiing.



I had a chance to change Tru's springs little while back so started with the saggy one.
Three days later I could move again but the wet came back so the other side remains postponed for a bit longer.

Age does weary, that one took me all day to do a 30 minute job. My arms still don't function properly and have lacked a fair chunk of movement since February.

I'm now feeble, slow, lack eyesight and stamina but I'm trying to remain independent.

While I was spending forever under Tru I noticed her intermediate and rear mufflers were both in a sad state, the intermediate I already knew was ordinary but now that the rear one is also crook it prompted me to order new ones, luckily Supercheap Auto's online shop has had a drop in price, yay done, pity I didn't order new gaskets from them too as the local Supercheap store must be selling platinum coated versions judging by their price.

Green Ants.

Spotted this Green Ant nest and about a million others in the tree that hovers over the Azalea I planted. You get used to them here but you don't go around shaking the trees if you can help it.


I felt sorry for this plant the other week, as well as the mint a while earlier off to its right.
The supermarket had them reduced and they were both looking rather sad, but I planted them and gave them a bit of tlc and they now seem much more comfortable.

Off with the fairies.

We shelled out $20 to get a fancy coverage of the Olympic games that finished last night and have been solidly watching it for its 11 odd days.

It's worthwhile to pay extra for events like this if you've any interest, as you get to see what you want to, rather than what the free broadcaster thinks you want to.

The sports as always were amateur and lacked the professional and commercial need to entertain but it still has to get a plus mark.

Minus marks go to the scaremongers who ramped up security so much that the spectacle of a crowd was missing to many events. Also minus marks to the rich countries who often must have splashed out big money on uniform designers and ended up with drab grey and black colours. Plus marks to the poorer countries who couldn't afford fancy designers and used bright colourful uniforms in their country's colours, yippee for the carribean.

Boos to the British who just don't understand England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not countries and to impose itself on the other commonwealth countries like this is just bullying. If England can compete then Queensland and Alberta have the same rights.

I think the lass in the photo scored a couple of medals, good ones too, at the games.


Change out of 100

I should feel like I'm a teenager again as I was about 16 the last time I was less than 100kg on an honest basis. Pity only my thighs, bottom and possibly genitals have lost mass as I was happy with them, In fact I would even be happy if my genitals put on weight.

I've been back on the booze a bit lately so it's a bit of a surprise to be still losing (or as the university educated would spell, loosing) weight, maybe I have the cancer? but there's two things that can happen if that's the case, 1/ I find out about it and die, or 2/ I don't find out about it and die. I'd sooner not know.