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Happy Birthday Grace.

It's Grace's birthday today. Here's a snap from the early 90s in front of a fairly famous location from one of our day trips. Like nearly everyone we didn't take many photos in those dark and expensive pre-digital days. These days i'd probably take 100+ piccies on a trip like that but back in those days you carefully rationed what you could do. If memory is right it was probably one of those little 110 pocket cameras.


Wet season.

The wet has started and the frogs/toads must know it as they're breeding in the dip in our backyard. Shown here is a spawn patch.

The wet slows us down a bit, we went for a drive to Townsville yesterday and it was too wet to bother taking any pictures, hopefully I can get back into gear again soon.


What was in the mystery box.

It was new pretty yellow dampers for Tru.
$142 delivered.


I've just outlived Frank Zappa.

Brother Mega may be interested to know.
The older you get the more interested in death notices you get.
A bit of fun from
I recently outdid Rommel but his was a hard luck story, well his boss was a hard man at least.


What a curious find.

I think homesick Aussies may have carved this oddity in Pommyland back in WWI days.
Strange that I had never heard of it till today, it should be a mecca for traveling Aussies.


Maybe a good excuse for a trip.

Despite a complete lack of publicity I notice the Bathurst 12 hour race is on again on the weekend of the 14th February. I should seriously consider a trip down there to see real cars on the great circuit.
This blue one is pretty.


They must hate me.

When I interrupt their peace. They're gunna hate me tomorrow when I take the rest of the xmas lights down, at least I'll leave their nest alone but they're going to lose the flashing lights about them.
Still can't see any eggs.


Unbricked, phew!

If like me you have one of these budget routers and run Billion firmware on it then whatever you do don't use a later version than 5.60c. I tried it and turned it into a brick yesterday, luckily I was able to resurrect it with Billion's rescue package but it was a scary time. I was fortunate to be able to connect very poorly with an old ADSL modem to our ADSL2+ line, dunno whether it should work but despite heaps of errors I was able to do some things.

To top it off I managed to come down with a cold on Wednesday that prevented my getting sloshed on New Year's Eve.