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Spring isn't far.

The orchid in our yard is about to flower, it's an early starter but brings a pleasant sign that spring is nearly upon us.
I think it's a Dendrobium of some type or other, oddly to me it isn't a pleasant flower to look at yet makes for a lovely photo.


Clever bathrobe.

I saw this online and just had to order one as it was cute and may also be quite nice for Olivia.
The three arm holes seem to be the key to its cleverness, plus it's even a handy towel.

I like pretty colours.

The Italian festival is almost upon us again, I'm happy to see our youth given a chance to add a bit of colour to it.


The Ingham clock has stopped.

But at least total failure still results in having the right time twice a day.
It wasn't a fluke managing to get a coloured car in this shot, I'd seen it coming so captured it, it's now so rare to see cars in any colour other than bland we have to almost search for them.

These were good.

Whatever these little baked creations that Olivia made the other day were I sure hope she makes some more soon.


A good catch.

Our old microwave oven expired today in a shower of sparks and other bad mojo, but happily a trip up town to Reitano's 2nd hand shop found this little gem, one of the good ones with twist knobs instead of whizz bang programming buttons that we (and I suspect nearly everybody) have no use for). Even better was only having to shell out $20 for it, win-win, no doubt Olivia will soon give it a go over with a cleaning rag.
Olivia was most remorseful until this find, myself on the other hand now have an excuse to recycle the old unit's transformer into a spot welder.



I like this.

Olivia made a lovely bag, it even has a stylish pocket.

Fiat 124 sport spider.

I saw this as we left the show, I could be wrong about the car but it'd still be a very rare model here.
Pity it suffers the indignity of having the speedo marked in pre-civilised non-Italian MPH, but that would indicate it pre-dates 1974 which was the year our roads became civilised and moved out of the stone age.
A conundrum is it having wholly red tail lights, I would have thought amber indicators would have been needed even from the earliest models of these, I've only seen red used up to about the late 1950s.

The local staple.

Sugar cane.
The show really seems to need fresh ideas, I must look into volunteering but that may be pointless if their mindset is frozen.
It was time for us to leave.

Some sunshine.

It's good to see some sun in what has been a mainly grey cloudy day.
At least it's quite a comfortable winter's day today.

Lucky last.

This was the last hurdle for the final horse and was the only half decent shot of the horses I managed to get. A few seconds after they finished they began dismantling the jumps.


Gourmet drinks? priced below most too, but everything was beyond my budget, entry alone took care of our funds.

It's you're not your.

I'm tall enough but rides are years behind me now, apart from my health they're way beyond my budget.

Exhibition hall

The same old stuff, some of which is rather pointless but not all. The champion photograph as per usual was a gloomy colourless affair.
John Deere may not be happy about their tractor being displayed with wonky wheels but the school displays are on about their last legs and scrapping or rejuvenating is wanted.

Ingham Show.

Yes we have a public holiday on the fourth of July this year but only for the Hinchinbrook shire, I can only think of one other country that may share a public holiday on this Friday.
The singers in the big red hats were pretty good, that came as a surprise to me.