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Day 6, an end to a perfect day.

Cousin Andrew had contacted us that day and we'd arranged to have dinner at his place, so now we had a bit of time to kill and we had to do a bit of train shuffling. Here we wait at Parramatta station, it came to my attention that day that Olivia blended into the crowd better than I did, things have changed over the years.
Surprisingly I'm still looking fresh at Strathfield but the day has been a top adventure.
A church at Burwood, where I looked unsuccessfully for a watch battery.
Another train and we'd arrived at Andrew's place where much to our surprise he put on a real cordon bleu feed, I'd told Olivia that Andrew was a proper chef and he cooked pretty well but this was stunning.
Then the desert was even more stunning, everything was hand made including the ice-cream, Andrew doesn't work as a chef these days but I think he may do a bit of judging sometimes, based on this I believe it.
Here Andrew takes a photo of Olivia, it seems he even took the effort to clean his ear.
Here we all pose, pity my face doesn't match how I felt.
Olivia loved his bear.
Our day was long and the time came to return to Vineyard, this is a now pretty empty Strathfield station while we wait a few minutes for the train.

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