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Plenty of noise this morning, their doing a bit of verge work on the other side of the road.
I suppose because they'd all be smokers that's why they seem to work for an hour then all drive back to the soccer ovals for a long break, repeated till knock off time.

Must also be hungry work driving that machinery as they seem to have lunch boxes the size of school portes.

Hopefully this will help.

A new doorbell came this morning (the reason for using the drill) and I've mounted it on the mailbox for the postie to ring when we have a reg that needs signing.
They just blow the horn and we can't hear it from our playroom so we've been monitoring the camera for years, this should ease our concern but I will have to tell them about it ASAP.

The rubber flap is to prevent water ingress, hopefully.


Went to use the drill press this morning and find something has eaten the off switch.
It's the end of the line for it now, it cost $70 a decade ago and the bearings have been as noisy as buggery since the flooding a couple of years ago, I'm now considering it retired, I shall try and think of a use for the motor.
Annoyingly the photo is a good example of the narrow focus "bokeh" that many seek. Sadly this is not the place for it and I should have used a smaller aperture, however the light was low...etc...etc..
Large sensor cameras Have their place but small sensor cameras avoid much of this pitfall but also lack some of the picture quality, it's all a trade off, nothing's perfect.


The jury's out on this.

I've thrown together the gadget to trick Tru into thinking she's a bit rich but I'm a gunna have to take her for a fair drive to get a better idea of results. A quick test drive didn't result in any problems but whether it saves any fuel is still in the maybe stage. I certainly wouldn't recommend driving hard with this change but since I drive like old aunt Agnes I don't expect reliability problems, Ford did put better valve/valve seats in the egas version than the petrol one.



Very ordinary pic but another Jimmy project is started, whether it will be of any use is very questionable.

Now why would I mount a LED over a solar sensor? Mega is probably curious already so hints are it's a car project and oxygen.


Many years after Happy the Gnome took a tumble and suffered a grade one injury he finally made it to the top of our hospital's waiting list, where his breakages were mended.

It didn't seem to help his mood though when he was put straight onto sentry duty amongst the plants. Happy looks decidedly suspicious of those weeds on the left, maybe if Jimmy cleaned them up a bit he may fiddle a tune to those nice plants.


What an artist.

I bought some chicken salt the other day that was below expectations, so I mixed it with some normal salt to bring it up to scratch.
In order to see that it now contains chicken salt I painted a photo of a chicken on the container.



This wasn't you was it Mega? I know you love a bit of a play about Mt Glorious.


Lazy man's shelf.

In the process of moving our data centre I decided a shelf would be good, plus it made some good use of Grace's mum's old table. It was probably about 60 years old but the flooding we've had rendered it to a very ordinary state and it really wasn't a great table anyway, except it had a very good top on it made of 3 planks.
I plan on using them for shelves where suitable so it shall once again be a part of the family.

I did have to move the clock, as the water marks from our little roof trouble show its old home.


Grace likes shiny things and rings so Jimmy bought her some more.
I can assure everyone they didn't cost much.

A lost week.

My ISP changed hands but the new owner's plans went awry when the plug was pulled on the old system before they were able to get their new one plugged in, this resulted in a very depressed Grace and Jim. We had no idea for too long as to what was happening but things had better be good or we'll move again quickly, a week offline is hard to handle after having such a wonderful tool in front of us for so long.

Anyway the outage managed to kill my will to do anything but just before it I decided to put another computer together, I've been a bit out of touch lately but wanted a bit of grunt for video processing at a budget. Motherboard and CPU cost about $200 and it seems to do video work twice as fast as the old one. It must be the extra cores as the clock speed is about the same.

I chose AMD due to bangs for bucks rather than sheer grunt, the CPU is an number 840