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10 years ago today.

Looking at old photos I noticed they graded the roadside at our place. It'd be lovely if they came and did it again it's become quite sunken at our entry, it's like driving over a kerb.
They'll blame me but it's way more likely due to the constant stream of visitors next door, many of whom like to test the traction of the surface past our place, at least Peter on the other side only has me and his verge is lovely and smooth.


An iffy part on Daisy.

This rear door switch was unreliable, I determined after a quick look that the tang holding the spring was bent away slightly, a few seconds with pliers has rendered it reliable.

A flower shot to check on the SZ-16.

It's pretty so why not post it?

My favourite toy the SZ-16 is back in service.

A blissful day today when the $10 (including postage) replacement screen arrived.
The old screen is in the foreground with the crack visible on its left.
In the days before internet trading, being able to do this would have been close to impossible.


Some yellow for Daisy.

Finding a steering wheel cover wasn't too easy, Daisy has a slightly smaller wheel than is normal but this silicone cover has enough stretch to be a nice fit, plus was available in yellow which since Daisy is white will be her theme colour.
My hands hurt a bit these days, more so when they grip something thin, so I find the extra size of having a cover nice, also it's much grippier than the slightly slippery leather covered wheel Daisy has.

A real artist.

I wish I had the talent to draw pretty photos like this lass at Coles did the other day but I suppose my call in life is to dabble in many different things.

Her crab photos are very realistic and cute.


Cutting time.

Today they're cutting the sugar cane behind us, sadly for them the field behind it was replanted this year so they have to do only short runs before turning around, which is fairly awkward for machinery, unlike the days a century ago when the fields were first laid out and were cut by hand.
Of course if the farmers made the fields longer it'd make life easier for the contractors so I suppose that isn't likely to happen.
Meanwhile a loaded cane train chugs by in the background.


Another broken tooth.

I suppose I should never eat anything but it doesn't much matter any more, what's odd is how the taxpayer is burdened patching my ruinous mouth when it's really looking beyond repair.
Anyway I have an appointment already to see the dentist on the 26th, so I suppose they'll play with this one instead of what was previously planned.

What fell out.

A splash of colour.

Daisy's wheel centre caps were a bit drab.
So I gave them some colour to cheer them up.


These are new to Olivia so she picked a few before the birds got them.


Daisy came into our lives a week ago, I was in a state of depression over Cubby and difficulty sourcing a muffler, as well as a little crack in the windscreen, on top of my health being a bit slow to pick up left my defences down for Daisy to come into my life.
In Malaysia and the rest of the world this model is known as the Saga, so naturally it had to be different here and called a S16. Looking online found plenty of boy racer videos on Youtube but in reality I saw it as a car for an old fella who wants something easy to service, as well as something that points well and has a bit of spirit.


Cactus bearings.

Hopefully replacing these bearing will get my saw working again, although I'm dubious about it being worth the bother. They're common ones, a 6201 and 6203, easily sourced cheaply from China or with difficulty and expensively if shopping personally, margins by bearing suppliers are legendary and would likely be 10x the China price plus would drain half a tank of fuel finding them.
Being able to shop on-line is a blessing.


Flag bird.

I spotted this bird the other day that has a sparse head of hair like mine, anyway I couldn't help but think of its resemblance to our Aboriginal flag, a flag I'd be quite pleased about if it replaced the official colonial relic.

The run of disaster continues.

My SZ-16 Olympus which has become a real favourite of mine and takes most of the piccies I post here, took a tumble onto good old fashioned hard concrete this morning. I'd placed it upon one of our bins so it was handy to me but poor Olivia didn't see it when she opened the lid, bugger.
I've ordered a replacement screen from eBay for only $10 and hope it cures our angst. The camera still works OK but is fairly useless when you can't compose the scene decently.

Usual disaster.

The active pin of my table saw broke off and after much searching I found a replacement plug I've had here for many years, but naturally I had another problem, the last flood must have reached the motor and seized it. Much more work to do if I wish to restore it.



Officially Spring started today so here's a cheery photo.
The standard seasons don't have as much meaning for us as they do to those in more temperate parts of the world, if we were much more tropical we wouldn't notice.