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Sipik SK68-3W quite a surprise.

I bought this little torch from DX as it was only $10 comes in a pretty green and has a zooming focus, which is something I didn't have. What I'm shocked about is just how bright it is, it's the brightest torch I now have, brighter than my more expensive ones. Since I hadn't grabbed one for a while it must show that things are really developing on the LED front, I'd now say they're quite ready for car headlight use, designing them with a proper cut-off for use on the roads is another matter but the brightness is there.
It's bright with a normal AA cell but brighter if you use a lithium 14500 cell.

I'm a bit slow and rundown ATM but since I'm not actually ill I have to wonder if I'll get some energy back again. It may be my diet but I can't help but link it in my mind to those dreadful statin drugs Lipitor and Crestor that I took years ago. On the plus side Lipitor is quite good at reducing hair and thus making haircuts much easier but the other side effects just don't make it worthwhile for that. BTW if you're a woman with thinning hair and you take Lipitor you've quite likely found the reason.


  1. We have the LED headlights here in the U.S. The thing that I see wrong with them is they are too bright if they are comming at you. Other than that they are a good idea.

  2. You should just these Jim.

    Easy to have some good meals and bugger all cleaning up to do.

  3. You were on them statin type drugs!!!! they are poison, don't go there.

    Your scrambled eggs are fine, the tomato is good, the best thing you can do is delete sugar and greatly reduce your starch intake, wheat is rather bad for you too, I lost 30kg's and Robyn 25kg's this last year and my cholestroel is just a tad below normal and sugar levels are on the low side of normal and I have much more energy too.

    I'll email you the book we used.

  4. For some reason mega's post went into the spam filter, not my choice but corrected now.
    That book was a bit of an eye opener, points noted, action pending when current home stock is depleted, happily to a degree though is my mass is about where my target is now.

    For Ken, maybe on a librarian's or a cab driver's salary but buying those on a pension is a sure way to stay poor.

    For Jerry, that would come back to my point about beam cutout shape, something the geniuses would have to get their heads around.