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Change the belts.

This is a chore that I've put off for a couple of months But first thing this morning I changed Cubby's three accessory belts.
The old ones were still OK but I didn't fancy one breaking if I was on a trip anywhere. I grabbed new ones from China at about 20% of the cost the local sharks desire. This must be one of the last multi-belt cars, the newer single serpentine belt system is vastly simpler and fairly idiot proof, though their tensioners can fail and be rather expensive to replace.


  1. My son's Buick has a single serpentine belt. Go through a puddle just right and the belt goes off track. Fortunately, it's not too difficult to put back on. He carries a wrench with him just for that.

  2. Weird but things like that happen.
    GM as a company are a strange lot and I think they realise now that having so many brand names is a mess, pity is they appear to be favouring adopting Chevrolet as their label, they of course would choose an American label but Buick is the one they should pick, only five letters and is said like it's spelt.
    Chevrolet is too long and too many people pronounce the let as lay, strange. Our GM brand Holden is also a good choice, as is Opel but only an American label is ever going to be used worldwide.
    Ford of course took the sensible naming route a century ago, pity their marketing people here have lost their way as the product is good, particularly the Euro models.