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Always breaking, always fixing.

It just never stops, how people get bored when they retire is beyond me, I'm busier than ever.
I must have pushed the wrong size plug into this android box, naturally the soldered joint of the centre pin broke.
It was a simple repair even if it's as rough as...... because it was too hard to see.


  1. So tell me about your "android box." I have an MK802 device running android that my son bought me for my birthday. I've been quite entertained by it and was able to move my hobby web site from the power sucking desktop computer to this tiny 3-watt device.

  2. Nothing much to tell, I bought it on a whim some time back and never really found the spark in me to set it up. It's only a 2.3 so is a bit limited, as far as I'm aware version 4.0.1 or later is needed to get easy market access, so I may just find an offbeat use somewhere for this.