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Maybe this will perk me up a bit.

Last time I said that it had the reverse effect but this time it hardly matters. I haven't been eating very well or the right foods so a good old fashioned feed may help, too late today for this to be ready though so I'll tackle cooking it tomorrow morning, these vacuum sealed packages are great and you can go way the the use by date.
Being single again every day I seem to get reminded of how important I am. Today the pharmacy let me down, emailed asking to get another repeat of my pills, no reply. When I was married I'd get a reply shortly afterwards.
Saw the council had misspelt Grace's birth town (Parkes) in their on-line cemetery register, emailed them, no reply. Saw the funeral people about something else, mentioned it, "oh dear we made a mistake" they advised council and were advised it'd be done in a week (a week for a few key presses), maybe it just gave them time to work out we weren't important to bother doing, still waiting.
I told the tale of the flowers the other day, the workers must have just replaced Grace's flowers to other graves when they realised we wouldn't be important enough to have flowers.

The list can go on but single men are only useful for the taxes they pay to subsidise others, since I'm on the pension I have no real use any more.

If by chance a lonely woman of the female variety reads this, feel free to email me, I'd like to feel of some importance again.


  1. Don't give up... We're all important, or unimportant in our own ways..

    Speaking as an old single woman, learning to live on ones own is a trial all by itself, but it does get sorted out eventually..

    I've been silently following your blog and your photos for quite a while now and I hope you don't give up on either.. Enjoy the blog and enjoy the photos..

    I was very sorry to read about Grace and send my sincere condolences to you. (Way late, I know..)

  2. Thanks for the kind words Anakerie, they should help to put me back on track. I keep doing this weblog as it provides an outlet for my photos, as well as helps me to learn how to write, it's not important to have a large audience and feedback but it's nice to get a bit.