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Jae David Hodge.

Hopefully this doesn't cause any offence as none is intended.
Browsing the shire cemetery record shows that poor little Jae is the only other Hodge buried in the shire. Finding his grave involved a few visits and a lot of photos, as it's unmarked and the plot number markers have almost all vanished, just like house numbers on streets.
Grace's grave is just in front of Cubby in the last photo, measured by pacing and triangulation about 60 metres away. Poor little Jae would have been 34 but he was never to have a Xmas.
I keep checking the cemetery record in the hope they will update the spelling of Grace's birthplace, but the council might only have one person who can push that button and I've been told they're on holiday or long service leave, or maternity leave or whatever, and it has to wait till their return. That doesn't make me feel any better though.

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