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Way too slow Jimmy.

The 4WD about four houses up the road spewed forth an impressive amount of smoke this morning when it went past, silly Jimmy though went to have a look but think of his camera till almost too late, and certainly too late for the good part of the show.
He stopped, inspected, and turned and went back home, probably with a completely ruined mood.
It created a smokescreen that the Bismarck could have hidden in, but the photo I got was when he was slowing down and was barely producing smoke.
For many years though I've been observing it leaving home and always revving the engine until it just wouldn't spin any faster before changing gear, not in a racing fashion but just casually letting it rev up to the limiter, anyway I wonder if there's any link.
Thinking about it a bit I wouldn't be surprised if it was coolant causing the issue, possibly from corrosion as so many don't bother with inhibitor, or if they're lucky just a head gasket.

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  1. I suspect your neighbor has allowed the engine to run out of oil. He probably topped it up after the damage had been done.