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I've become an old softie.

I adore these rag dolls Grace acquired back in our Lithgow days, They looked a bit dirty from years of being neglected but looked washable, so I gave them a gentle cycle wash and happily it worked.
Golliwogs aren't politically correct these days but it looks like a gingerbread man with an *ahem* black complexion so I shall call him Binge and I think he shall sit on the fancy TV chair.
The cuter one looks like a peasant and I shall call her Penny, and I think she shall ride in the car with Jim.
At least until I give them to Rhonda, they were special to Grace despite being neglected for a while.


  1. You can keep them Jim. It's probably important that you do, especially if they were special to you both.

  2. No problem Rhonda but remember any time you wish to adopt them and give them or one of them a vibrant new home you're welcome.