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Red light.

Telstra ruined my day today, I had to change the phone line into my name, I managed to do what I could a few days ago and even pleaded with them to take care my ADSL connection wasn't messed up.
At 08:00 this morning my modem lost validation with my provider though the ADSL service was still active.
Call provider, sorry it's being provisioned by Telstra, they have to send them a code.
Call Telstra, yes it's being provisioned and will be completed by the end of the day. Correct at 16:00 it was done and the light turned green, what hurts is someone at the office must have noticed it was Jimmy's line and put the delay routine into overdrive, must make sure that he's the last customer we flick the switch for today.
My spite will see me moving the phone service over to my ISP Exetel.

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