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While Rhonda and Steven were here for Grace's funeral, I dragged them on a little beach tour of our area.
The little pocket Samsung WB210 that gained a whole new lease of life with later firmware is proving very up to the task for web photos, sure it isn't perfect but it's very capable.
First Forrest Beach, vinegar being for marine stingers, they used methylated spirits for many years until some genius did some research and found it was possibly the worst thing you could apply to a sting.
Then back to Victoria Mill where they got a close up view of a short sugar train.
 Then the loco Homebush in its usual lair, this is the loco seen in the 2008 film "Australia" that starred the legendary Hugh Jackman.
Next Taylors Beach, that actually smelled of the sea, and I don't mean that in a bad way.
Then Dungeness where Rhonda is about to see what appeared to be crocodile tracks in the mud. I left sooner than I would have because some very noisy work was being done, I do prefer peace and quiet but I can't expect nor control that. The peak in the background is part of Hinchinbrook Island where in WW2 an American pay plane the "Texas Terror" crashed killing all aboard, we do owe a debt of gratitude to the yanks for what they did to help us.
Lastly a short little hop to Lucinda where the quite longish sugar jetty appears to be pretty well repaired now after Cyclone Yasi ripped it apart.
Another view of part of Hinchinbrook Island from the old jetty which gladly the public are allowed access to.
I hope my writing is half decent now, I no longer have my trusty spell-checker to help me out.


  1. I got on Google Earth and could see where you were at. Very interesting and good pics.

  2. I've been enjoying the old Samsung WB210 so much with the new firmware that I gave the much superior Sony RX100 to Rhonda.